Monday, January 9, 2012

ManCat Monday

A dog will flatter you, but have to flatter the cat - George Mikes

Mr Hawk stopped by and sat in our crabby apple tree, first in one spot, then another. Mum was lucky she had her fancy flashy box ready. Biggify if you need to.
Sitting in the other spot of the tree.
Mr Red Belly Woodpecker sitting really still on the feeder, hoping Mr Hawk doesn't see him.
Mr Squirrel plastered up against the trunk of the tree. Mr Hawk was just a few feet above him!.

Me just resting on mum's stuff in the chair. She has a tendency to toss her jacket on the back of the chair, her scarf in the seat. Something soft to sit on and get all furred up.

Feetsball Report - Wildcard Playoff Weekend

The Pack - as the number one NFC team, they got the weekend off. So there were games to decide who they will play next Sunday and that will be the Giant guys. Yeah, we beat them a few weeks ago. Plus they gotta come through the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.

Grampa Brett - still retired, but they showed him attending the Lions-Saints game on Caturday night.


  1. I bet you like watching Mr. Hawk, but the other outdoor creatures don't seem to enjoy his visits at all. Grin. Isn't it great when Moms leave soft stuff around to lie on and fur up?


  2. I hope Mr Hawk was behaving himself and just coming to have a sit in the tree. Mummy has been known to talk to her scarf thinking its me all curled up hee he :)xx
    pee ess, she has talked to daddies slippers before thinking they are Simba! Silly mummy hee he

  3. For Mr. Hawk, Bird and Squirrel TV aren't just spectator sports!

  4. Awesome wildlife pics! And what a comfy chair! xx

  5. I bet that scarf is very soft and comfy. What a lucky cat you are.

  6. Mr. Hawk looks askeery to us! We think it's much safer inside, snuggled into "your" scarf.

  7. Hawks are vishus and skeery. Mr skwerl better hurry back home or he will become dinner. Sounds like Grampa Brett is now a celebrity. We would luf to be on tv! MOL!

  8. Seems like Mr Hawk is looking for supper. Mr Woodpecker and Mr Squirrel are very wise to keep still.

  9. Look at that nice green grass!
    Love Love Love this winter. 50 today!!! on Jan 9!!!!

    Mr. Hawk...beware.....Derbs & Ducks have their eyes on you...!

  10. It's best to watch Mr. Hawk from afar!

  11. That's some great Cat TV you have to watch. We get squirrels, but not many birds, and never a hawk.


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