Monday, January 30, 2012

ManCat Monday

Cats have an infallible understanding of total concentration - and get between you and it. - Arthur Bridges

Happy Monday one and all. We had a good weekend. Tiny bit of snow that brightened up the ground. That made the fevvers come around more and we could see them so easy too.

Mum did her usual stuff this weekend, including getting the rug sucking monster out. When she does that she picks up all of our toys first so that they don't get eaten. But if we want one, we have to go pick it out of the pile on the table. Ducky really wanted the nip nanner.

While we had snow, it came overnight, so we had lots of sun puddles to nap and play in during the day. Mum even sat at the kitch-hen table on Sunday afternoon to catch up on some paperwork and soak up the sunshine. We think mum is a bit solar powered like we kitties are.

Otherwise it was a pretty quiet weekend. Mum didn't even watch much of the feetsball game last night with the bowling pros. Isn't all that excited about next weeks game either. Guess we watch for the commercials.

Mum is way off on her days. She wrote the wrong date on her check at the food store on Caturday. First she put 1/21, then corrected it to 1/27. Plus our video from Caturday says 1/27 but in fact the day was 1/28. Mum, please refer to the calendar. At least she didn't go day hunting on a day she didn't have to.

We told you on Caturday that we smelled ham and turkey in the food hunting stuff. Well it wasn't much, mum fixed some eggs on Caturday for lunch and put the the meat. Yes we got a little bit too, but now its gone. Mum has been trying to eat stuff out of the freezer to make sure the old stuff is gone before it goes bad.

Happy week everyone.


  1. happy monday to all...

    BoBo Salem
    Meow Meow Family

  2. We hear you about being on days of the week--mama has to have a calendar on her watch to remind her where she is!

  3. My human typed a note about meeting someone the next day thinking it was Monday but it was Sunday. She didn't realize that until later... Sigh.

  4. Our The Mom is having trouble looking at the calendar too. What is with them lately???
    We like your video. hee hee


  5. Nice video of you Ducky! You love your nanner!
    Something sure startled you with the cupboard door, you really jumped!

  6. You love your nippy nanner don't you Ducky. Did you see a monster in the cupboard when you opened it a little bit?

  7. It sounds like you had a pretty typical weekend.

  8. Ducky sure does love that toy. We sure love Ducky's spots!


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