Monday, January 2, 2012

Mini ManCat Monday

Every life should have nine cats.

Well maybe not all at once, but over their lifetimes, beans could easily have nine kitties.

We had a good first day of the new year. A bit of playing, napping, extra treats. Mum even did the rest of the lobster, but this time she put it into pasta with Al Fredo's sauce. Yes she gave me a little bit again and Derby didn't want it. But tonight, mum didn't have any ice cream for him to lick the bowl.

Yes, yesterday was lobster and butter. Only way to eat it mum says if you are just eating lobster straight up.
Mum finished the crow-shay blankie she was working on. Just has to trim off the yarn ends, then she can give it to the lady at work for her baby to come.

Feetsball Report

The Pack - Ended the regular season with a win with a record of 15 and 1. Our regular QB ARodg didn't play, but his backup guy did good. Team record of 6 TD passes and 480 yards, but mum says the defense has to show up better. Lots of scoring by the other team and it wasn't decided until The Pack intercepted to end the final drive by them Lions. Long game too, nearly 4 hours long, so mum had lots of time to crow-shay.

The Colts - lost the game, gained the first pick in the draft in a few months.

Grampa Brett - still retired


  1. Happy Gnu Earz to u too!!!

    Purrz n stuffoms,
    Katie and da Katz Gang
    And alla da Foster kittiez.

  2. We's all saliva-making over here, with you talking about lobster again.

    Tell Mum to take a picture of the baby blankie!! My Mom would love to see the finished product.

  3. Our mom started to drool when you mentioned Al Fredo. She knows him too, loves him actually!

  4. Wow. I wish I had a human who fed me like that...

  5. Mmmm ... more lobster. Perhaps your mom can email us some.

    Have a good first week of 2012.

  6. Mommy wants to go to your house for dinner. She'll bring more ice cream!

  7. The big guy here agrees wif butter and lobster, our the mom doesnt eat it. She's weird! MOL

    We is hopin yoo all had a most wonderful Noo Year celebration and a great and prosperous year a head!!


  8. You had more lobster? We are going to mail ourselves to you.

  9. Whoa...we have 9 cats! Plus 13 who came before....

    Do we win a prize????

    Happy New Year!

  10. We wish we'd get some real live lobster.

    Darn...our dad-guy was really disappointed that our Lions lost to the Pack. Oh well....

  11. Happy New Year to you. Lobster: I have never tasted that.

  12. You guys have had a lot going on over the past week or so! Lobster, eh? I don't know if I'd like that. My mom's not crazy about it, even though she grew up near the ocean, so I'll probably never get to try it.

    Happy New Year to you all!

  13. We wishes you two and your beans a very Happy New Year, too -- all year long!

  14. It depends on how many at a time. Sometimes cats come in 3's (here), so there have been more than 9. But loved as "groups", 9 sounds right

  15. mmmMMMMMmmmm losbter!


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