Friday, April 27, 2012

&$#**'#&^$## Blogger

Mum wants to protest, we like blogging and using Blogger is OK. She can adapt to new things in time, but they gotta work.

They shifted us to the new interface without our purrmission earlier this week. Nothing has posted right since then. Posts for certain date and time don't show up. Mum has to go in and fix it and then it works.

The only thing we like so far is being able to pick all of our pictures that we want to load at the same time. Although we can't select what size we want them to go in at, small, medium or large. Nor can we see how much of our quota of picture size we have used up.

So me and mum are napping here. Maybe this is just a bad dream!

Nope, mum just checked. See the time? It didn't auto publish at the requested time, even under the old interface set up. Mum had to go in and re-hit the publish button from work. When she finally got time at 10:30 CDT.

$#$%&%$$ Blogger!!!!!


  1. It will get easier... promise. My peep is managing quite well with this new Blogger thingy and believe me... if SHE can do, ANYONE can! I have the most technologically impaired peep in the whole, entire world!

  2. We have also been shifted to the new blogger interface and wanted to let you know that you can select picture size after t has been loaded. Just hover your mouse over the picture and a bar will appear that will allow you to select size (thats how it works on our Mac anyway).

    The Chans

  3. I saw it was coming and did it earlier so I didn't feel forced about it and all has gone well, except for an autopost that didn't work. But I think I needed to switch a setting to make it do that in addition to clicking autopost, but I've not looked into it further...too busy. So far, so good for me. -Lynne

  4. We noticed a scheduled post that didnt post last week, but we havent scheduled anny since. And we have been using the new interface for months. Whatever the problem is, we hope it gets fixed!

    BTW, if the pics you post are less than 1Mb, we dont think your account gets charged. We make all of ours about 100-300 Kb.

  5. Scheduling is tricky. Forgive this if it's a stupid question, but when you schedule, do you click 'Done' and then 'Publish'? We haven't run into any trouble since we figured out that you have to do both.

    It's been eons since we knew our picture quota, even before the new interface. So we don't care.

    Blogger was having all sorts of fits yesterday that took hours to resolve. That could be part of it, too.

    What I've noticed is that any time I preview a comment, it shows up all on one line. That's pretty dumb.

  6. We are not looking forward to using the new interface. Blogger changed ours twice and we changed it back to the old one, but we know we won't be able to do it much longer.

  7. Wow, I am glad my blog is not on Blogger - I have heard so many humans complaining about the new interface!

  8. I hate when nothingworks right! ERGG

  9. We aren't on Blogger and from all the complaints we've been hearing lately, we're glad we're not...but Wordpress has issues too!

  10. Our mom has found that if she gets a post ready and scheduled for the next day, she has to click on the orange "Publish" box to the right of the "Post title" box. When they weren't posting on time, it was because she didn't click on that orange button.


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