Monday, April 2, 2012

Mini ManCat Monday

If we take the case of cats, they say little but they think a great deal; they conduct trains of reasoning. Andrew Lang

HiYa, Ducky here. It was a bummer weekend. The promised sun puddles didn't show up, maybe some very weak sunshine late in the day, but not enough to make sun puddles. Plus the weather guesser said it would be warmer on Sunday. Not really, at least not enough to make mum open the windows.

Mum did lots of resting, reading and such. Here I am sitting on her to make her stay put and put some healing purrs on her.
Derby meanwhile was resting to take a later shift. Sleeping on mum's bed, where mum isn't sleeping for now. Says she is more comfortable sleeping in the chair and she gets about the same number of hours of sleeps.

Plus she was sleeping so bad she had to redo the bed everyday and that is hard as she isn't supposed to lift things. So she says it is hard to tuck in the sheets and blankies.
Mum says she will be happy once Tuesday comes and go. Then the election stupidity on the moving picture box and on the calling thingy will stop. At least for a bit. She is tired of it all. She votes for "none of the above".

We hopes the rest of you have a good week.


  1. I am not in your state, but I vote for kitty treats - NOW! No waiting until November!

  2. Continued purrs to your mom for her healing.

    We don't live in the US, but even here the Republican race and upcoming election is in the news every day. We can just imagine how tired your mum is of it all!

  3. You can vote for weird, weirder or weirdest...

  4. We understand. The warm and sun here is being replaced by winter.

    We vote for more sun.

  5. It is cold and windy here...if we see any sun we'll send it your way.
    Good job splitting up the Mum duties!

  6. We have had lovely sunny and warm weather for nearly 2 weeks, but the forecast is for very cold temperatures again. All the azalea buds are opening and mum hopes they won't get killed by hard frosts.

  7. We finally had some sun today. It was really nice. We know about that election stuff...for awhile there, the only person that was calling our beans was Mitt Romney! Haha!!


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