Thursday, April 5, 2012

Garden Thursday


Hello, it's Virginger welcoming you to Garden Thursday. Spring has slowed down some. It got cooler, actually more normal, in terms of the temperature. So the plants haven't been racing through the season. We like that, then we have time to enjoy. It has even gotten a bit chilly some mornings, we hopes it doesn't get too cold to kill things.
Some of the pee-o-knees starting to come up.
The white lilac is leafing out nicely and starting to show flower buds.
Close up of the crabby apple tree showing the flower buds ready to come. This is something that could get hurt by a really cold night. Ruin all the un-opened flowers.
The whole tree, mum noticed a dead part that will need to get cut out. Well when she is able to do that, sometime in the future.
The grass is growing and getting a bit shaggy, mum isn't allowed to push the grass eating monster around just yet.
So we have a handy guy who will be coming around to take care of things for a while. Me and mum snoopervised him, he did OK, but mum thinks he is very inefficient mowing. Turning away from where he needs to go, then having to circle back around. Out front he used a huge grass eater, in one swipe it would do 4 times what mum could do with her little machine. Plus the guy rides on it!

That should do for now. Stay happy and warm everyone.

Love, Virginger


  1. It sounds like you have similar weather to us. Mummy has a little patio peach tree and it has lots of blossom on it. We are hoping it doesn't get windy or icey cold and make them all drop off. It only ever grows about 5 or 6 peaches, but mummy says they are very yummy. A sit on grass eater sounds great fun :)xx

  2. Yep, I think spring is here despite its fits and starts. Our sloppy snow from Monday? It was all melted by the evening!

  3. You're certainly ahead of us in terms of spring growth--and our weather is back to "normal" too, which means chilly to us all. :-)

    Happy Thursday and a happy Easter weekend to you all.

  4. Look at all the stuff you've got growing in your garden. Lucky you! I'm still waiting for some warmer weather, myself. Paws crossed!

  5. Wow. A ride around mower--I bet he was just having fun then when he turned the wrong way!

  6. Yep, it was chilly last night! We slept all over mama and kept warm.

  7. it looks nice there - spring is about here - although we still have freeze warnings.

  8. Yep, it looks like your garden is coming to life! Ours is too!

  9. Our mom mowed the lawn for the first time yesterday. Never before this year as early as April 4th. Thats usually a May thing, but not in this unusual year!

  10. We have been having lovely warm weather, more like summer, and the azaleas are flowering. Now though we are getting sub zero temperatures at night and mum is hoping it doesn't kill all the buds.
    A ride on grass eater sounds like fun.

  11. You have so much great stuff that we dont! Love them.


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