Thursday, May 3, 2012

Garden Thursday

:: MEOW:: 

Hello and welcome to Garden Thursday. It has been a quiet week in the garden. The spring stuff is over, stuff is in the process of opening or growing. Our spring has been strange, very warm in March, normal for April, but it felt cool compared to March. Now these first few days of May, warmer. 
One side of spring is babies. So we saw a baby bunneh over the weekend. Blended in with the grass so mum got a close up of the little guy. We have seen him bouncing around the yard, in and out of the plants.
Plus as we were looking at our pictures this past week, we found this. Some crazy guy just had to ride his bike along the trail after we got snow. He didn't go furry fast, but he did get through!
That is it for now, hope you have a wonderful week and have enjoyed our garden pictures this week. See you soon, Love Virginger.


  1. We luf baby bunnehs! Irregular temps seem to be the norm fur our neck of the woods, too. Thank cod there hasn't been any snowfall, though. Happy Thursday, furriends. xoxo

  2. Oooh, we'd LOVE to see a baby bunny, up close. Up REAL close. :-P

    Our Spring has been frickin' freezing and we hope--hope!--May now will be warmer!

  3. Biking in the snow? Peeps can be so silly, don't you think?

  4. we're glad it's warmer, too, because the windows are open, but mama wishes the humidity would go away!

  5. Oh a baby bunny. We had those in our yard once. Georgia got one.

  6. We like the baby bunnies too!
    We also have had a funny Spring. March was lovely and sunny and warm and April was the wettest on record and cold too.

  7. The weather has been weerd here too! Warm Feb/March, dry April with a cool spell at the end. We havent seen anny bunnies at all this year.

  8. We hope that baby bunny's mama is close by to keep it safe. Caitie caught one once, but the human staff made her let it go before she could put a real hard bitey on it.


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