Thursday, May 10, 2012

Garden Thursday


Welcome to Garden Thursday. I am sitting out front, watching the world go by on our street. We had some excitement later on Thursday a week ago. It got furry windy and rainy. Mum came home to find the garbage can blown into the four-sith-ia!
It got nice after mum came home and she went for a walk, to our west and not very far away a tree had fallen over onto someones house. Oh dear, not good at all.
Here is the shot from the other side of the house along the walking trail.
For some happy stuff in our garden, we bring you, fevvers, fevvers and more fevvers! The late spring birdies have shown up. So below, feast your eyes on the rose breasted grosbeaks, cardinals, the orioles. Mum even got some of them in flight!

Cute butt!

Flash of orange, taking off
Mr O taking a drink from the hummer feeder
Even the chickadee taking a sugar drink too. The hummers are back, mum just hasn't gotten a picture yet. 

Bye sweet Fin, have fun at The Bridge.


  1. That was quite the wind storm and we're sorry for the destruction of part of your neighbour's roof. Definitely NOT GOOD!

    All the birdies are good, though! Very tasty looking! :-)

  2. Those are FANTASTIC looking birdies. How lucky you are they come to visit you. I hope everyone in that house with the tree on it is safe & sound. That would be oh-so-scary, I think. Trees do not belong on top of houses. No, they do not at all. purrs

  3. Oh no! That looks like a lot of damage to that house. We had very strong winds a few days ago too that blew a tree down in the road and blocked it. You have lots of pretty fevvers to watch.

  4. Wow! They built that house in the wrong spot!
    We have our nesting pair of cardinals in our yard again this year!

  5. Wow, we love seeing those oriole fevvers!! We have them around here, but we don't see them much.

  6. I'm sure Fin will be kicking up her paws in no time. Thank you so much for your kind words on Fin's passing. :-)


  7. We saw our first hummer about a month ago, but it got cool and it just came back last week! Sorry about the tree on the neighbor house. We bet the evil skwerls caused that!


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