Thursday, May 17, 2012

Garden Thursday


Hi, it is me, Virginger, ready to take you all outside into the garden. Things are starting to show up and more things are blooming. So here we go!
A few weeks ago all you could see were these little nobs coming out of the ground. And now they are
pretty green ferns. Mum likes these things, says they hide all sorts of icky stuff. 
The pee-o-knees right behind the house with the flower buds starting to get bigger.
The grapevine finally getting some leaves.
The varigated leaf, red twigged dogwood all pretty and leafed out.
More pee-o-knees by the fence.
The alliums blooming
The trumpet vine finally showing some bit of life with new leaves.
A bit of a fuzzy picture, but rose buds!
Finally, if you can make them out, the alien head shaped, poppy buds. That is all for now, we are happy, we thinks the nice weather is here to stay. Mum is even keeping the windows open just a little bit overnight. The boys get lots of window wiffing!

See you next week.

Love Virginger.


  1. Window whiffing is great. Your garden shows so much promise. Our peonies are blooming and we even have some snapdragons. I'll have to send Mom out with the camera tomorrow.


  2. Wow, what a huge difference in your garden! We do believe nice weather is here to stay. We've even had the hots here! Happy Thursday, furriends.

  3. Virginger, your blooms are really coming along! We don't have many blooming perennials in our garden, but our greenery (hostas, ivies, ground cover) really has grown by leaps and bounds from last week to this.

    Isn't Spring wonderful? :-)

  4. Oh look at how pretty everything is!

  5. I bet my sis Pee would especially love the pee-o-knees!

  6. The garden is coming along!
    Thanks for the tour!

  7. Wow your garden is looking great. We are in the process of putting a new one in and it is very shall we say n, and small.
    Thanks for asking about my Italian family. My sister now lives in the states. She does have friends that live over in Italy and they didn't live in Bologna. She is sad to see all of the beautiful buildings that have suffered in the earth quake. We now need to purr that many lives have been spared.


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