Saturday, July 28, 2012

Caturday The Games!

The games have begun. So much excitement with the competition. The purrade of cathletes was wonderful and we loved the parrot lighting the torch.

We entered a few events and are waiting to find out if we made the finals or not in some of them.

High jump - Ducky has a chance, not in the lead but has gotten lots of votes in both the artistic and technical high jump.

Counter Surfing - Derby and Ducky, the event is on August 2, so this next week.

Balance Beam - Ducky, didn't make the finals, but some of our furiends did, so now we have to figure out who we should vote for. You can go to Cory's to check out the finalist and vote.

Synchronized Snoozing - Finalists to be announced on Monday July 30. So we have our paws crossed.

If you want to see the whole list of events, go here!

May the best cat, or woofie win!

We did take time to sit with mum and watch the human opening ceremony too. We give four paws up each to Her Majesty for being a Bond girl. Heck even the corgi's got into the act.

Mum watched a tiny bit of the dressage on line this AM, for the eventing group. It was quiet, no talking, no commenting, just watching the horsies and riders. But then if you were watching, you probably knew enough to follow along without all the talking. 

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend!


  1. Our mom just about had kittens, she was freaking out watching the ceremonies, something about "DANIEL CRAIG" (screamed) and "WITH THE QUEEN" also screamed. Lots of exclamation marks in her vocalizations, we assure you.

    We had NO idea what she was going on about. LOL.

  2. So much going on with the Cat-O-Lympics and the Human Olympics. We even watched the opening ceremony with our mum last night.

  3. This is SO much fun! We've met a lot of new friends, too.

  4. Hello my furiends! Glad you are still in contention for some events! My Human was so lame she did not help me enter efun ONE SINGLE EVENT! Can you even believe that? Sigh.

    Good luck!

  5. Best of luck on ALL the events. We have discovered our efforts are not up to the top standards this year. We are gonna go have a Nip Milkshake with Michael Phelps...

  6. Hi Ducky!
    Me has come to invite yous to stand on the podium for the GOLD medal for Technical High Jump and a tie for the SILVER in Artistic High Jump!

  7. You both are quite the Olympic athletes!! Our mom watched the opening ceremonies too...she loved when the Queen jumped out of the helicopter!

  8. Congrats on your magnificent medal haul, Ducky!!!

    The Chans

  9. Oh Ducky! You jumped and got the gold! CongaRats for your athletic ability!

  10. Concats to you too Ducky! Well done and great competition!


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