Thursday, July 19, 2012

Garden Thursday


Hello and welcome to Garden Thursday! It is me, Virginger your wonderful hostess with the mostest from the garden.

Guess what?! We got some rain! Not much but at least we did get a bit on late Tuesday and early Wednesday AM. Then nasty storms were headed our was on Wednesday night, but they got less nasty as they go to us, so we mostly got needed rains. We are happy about this. 
 A little puddle at the end of the driveway.
 Water drops on the leaves and flowers of the impatients in the front.
Dry and wet on the front of the house.

 Our first star gazer lily finally starting to open. Mum has been watering this so we would get at least a few pretty flowers this summer.
 Here you can see how cracked the earth is from being dry. This is in mum's garden with the flowers. She is happy she didn't try to put in anything new this year, which would have needed lots of water.
That is all for today. You all be good, stay cool and such.

Love, Virginger.


  1. Wow, its so dry in your garden. Mummy hasn't had to do any watering apart from little plants in the greenhouse. In fact, mummy had to bail out some pots - she said she should have grown rice in them! We hope you get some more rain to help your plants grow :)xx

  2. We are glad you got your much needed rain without the bad storms. We are the opposite. It has been so wet that most of the flowers are spoiled. We have got better weather forecast from tomorrow so we are keeping our paws crossed.

  3. Well I hope you get to stay cool! We were yesterday. I think it is supposed to get warm again today.

  4. We finally got some rain today. It must be the same stuff you got yesterday.


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