Thursday, July 5, 2012

Garden Thursday


Hi Virginger here, trying to stay cool. Yes we ramic kitties get hot too. Mum comes out for a little bit, sometimes to cook her foods or feed the fevvers or fill the fevver bath.

So we are laying low, not doing much. We hopes all of our Mericky furiends had a safe Fourth of July. We did and it was a quiet one too. Outside fires, fireworks, sparklers etc have been prohibited due to our extremely dry weather. 
 Yes it was this hot at our house yesterday. Mum says this outside sensor is pretty accurate.
 The old fashioned temperature thingy showed 98 at the same time.
 This was the time of the temp and pictures.
 The weather guessers TV show showing how hot is it was just after 6 PM. 
 The overall high for the day at the official spot at the airport. Gee, haven't been 100 or over in early 7 full years.
I guess I should show you some picture of the garden. Here is the trumpet vine, all bloomed out already. Normally this doesn't bloom until August and into September. By fall all the flowers will be bloomed and gone.

Stay cool everyone!

Love Virginger.


  1. Phew, that sure is hot. Maybe we could share some of our rain for some of your hots. Its pretty humid today, but thunder storms are on there way. Keep cool dear friends :)xx

  2. It has been darn hot in our neck of the woods too! Keep cool everyone!

  3. You can tell those weather people aren't cats. Nobody lives at the airport, so who cares what the temp is there?

    We hope you get a break very soon. We're having a cold snap here--low to mid 90s!

  4. Okay that is just too hot. I hope all your plants are okay!

  5. We're all depending heavily on our air conditioners this summer.

  6. Yep, that's how it is here. Well, that and the hoppers are about to carry us off!

  7. It seems ta be hot EVRYWHERE! Hope irt cools down fer you soon.

    And thanks fer the Liatris ID! That name sounded familiar when we saw it.

  8. It was 101 here yesterday...and not only do we have the hots but now the storms are visiting too! They're almost as loud as the fireworks!

  9. Very belated thanks for coming by our birthday party!!!

    cats of wildcat woods

  10. Ut oh. We know dat hot hot hot efen more hot wevve is header owr way. Well da way fings have been going about a couple months ahead of normal weather patters den we should be into September weather in the next couple of weeks! Keep cool kittehs an Mama!


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