Monday, July 9, 2012

ManCat Monday

You know you're a cat lover when your cat has smoked salmon for tea... and you have beans on toast. - Author Unknown

The hots are gone, the hots are gone! We gets open windows again!

 We are so happy, mum is too. Plus mum went off to play with racy cars this weekend while it was all hots. Thankfully they shortened the event because of the heat. Every one drank lots of water and was OK. No heat related accidents too. 

Mum is taking today off from day hunting. Says she has chores to do AND, we have to wrap up our PetLymic entries.


  1. We are glad it has cooled down for your. Mummy is hoping the hot weather is heading our way as she is complaining that we just haven't had a summer yet :)xx

  2. Good weather news for you! And of course, it is getting hotter here where we are!

  3. We're glad your hots are gone, at least for a little bit! Enjoy the respite and have a great Monday!

  4. We agree that it's wonderful having the horrid hots gone! Mom is in a better mood too. MOL!

  5. We are glad it has cooled down for you. We have thunder boomies here last night. Can you imagine. We never get them!

  6. Glad to hear things have cooled down for you!

    We need to get our entries organized too!

    The Chans

  7. Yay for coolness! It's about time!

  8. The hots are gone here too! We got window whiffies too!

    pee ess. We got your sychronized snoozing entries. Thanks for entering!!

  9. It sure is nice to be able to open the windows again! Oh to hear the birds, and sniff the breezes!! Heavenly!


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