Saturday, June 29, 2013


Wow we sure did have a wonderful time yesterday at the party. Some of it has continued into today as a few bit of extra fur piles are still around. We have lots of left overs to nosh on.

Shaggy and Scout came over early during the week since their beans were leaving town. They will teleport home just before they pull back into the garage.
 Me resting on the big pod by the windows that go to the floor. Been a quiet day, mum hasn't done any chores today like using the sucking monster, so no loud noises to disturb people.
 Me in the sunny window in the afternoon. Yeah, I do look like I could use another nap or ten. Mum feels the same way. Lots of work this past week, home late on Friday, but scored in that she didn't need to go in today or tomorrow.
Hehehehe, Derby having another drink. I think he had one too many niptini's yesterday! The old boy has a hangover!


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  2. Hydrating is a good remedy for those nip hangovers!

  3. Derby, dood, a bit of the hair o'the dog might help.



  4. It looks like it must have been a terrific party Ducky. I'm sorry that I missed it.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. That was a fun party! I had NO idea it was still going on!

  6. That was a fun party! We're sorry Ernie passed out a little early...he can't hold his nip.

  7. Yup, we know what it's like waking up after a few to many niptinis...

  8. That was a great party Ducky.


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