Thursday, June 13, 2013

Garden Thursday


Hello and welcome to Garden Thursday with Virginger!

Hope everyone is doing well, it has been more summery this past week. Things are beginning to look furry nice outside.
 Mum taking a break in using the grass eating monster. She did finish the entire yard all in one day, usually she takes two evenings to do this.
 Our pretty pink iris, it didn't last long, but mum managed to get pictures before it got icky.
The one rose bush by the lot line, it does have flower buds on it.
The pee-o-knees are just getting ready to bloom, one got brave and opened up some.
Mum has a project, she needs to replace this faucet outside. It doesn't shut off well, so it drips. Mum shut off the water inside to get it off, didn't budge.
She even has a nice bright and shiny new one to put on. Some how she needs to get the old one off, somehow.
So that is it for today. Hope you enjoyed the tour.

Love, Virginger.


  1. All the flowers are lovely, especially the pink Iris. We had some nice summery weather for a while, but we are back to cold and rain again.

  2. Our Mommy LOVED the pink iris and pee-oh-knees! Gorgeous!

  3. Very pretty!

    Eeek on that faucet. Good luck to your mum!

  4. I LOVE your pretty pink iris. It's the same colour as my nose!


  5. D & D & virginger...tell yur mum ta put sum trout oil on de faw set..that will get de knob rite off and yur yard will smell grate next time her waterz !!

  6. We love your pee-o-neese, Virginger!

  7. We love that purrfectly round unopened peony! I bet it would be fun to play with....Just sayin'.

  8. We like the pretty flowers. Our mom's favorite are roses.

    Carmine, Milita, and Jewel

  9. The yard is looking real good Virginger!
    We've never seen pink irises!

  10. TBT says some stuff called Liquid Wrench is good fer loosening rusty tight joints. But he thinks that may be pipe tape in there which should also help it be loose and mebbe you just need to borrow a BIG wrench (or a BIG neighbor).

    The flowers are pretty.


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