Saturday, September 20, 2014


Happy Caturday morning. Ducky here. Derby and I had a blast yesterday with pirate day. We enjoyed sailing the seas and seeing our furiends doing the same. Too bad it is only one day a year we do this.

I am having a wonderful morning so far. Firsted I woke mum up and snuggled with her and then walked all over her too.

These first three I am under the covers with mum. I love doing this and I gets lots of loves from mum while I am snuggled with her. 

 Time to move, sorry for the blurry picture! Then I 'acited to explore the top of the covers and then sit on mum. That way she could spend more time in bed resting.

Mum's hip, always a good place to park myself. Hope you are comfy mum, 'cuz I sure am!

 Yes, just stretch out and relax, draping myself from her ribs down over her hip.
My let's look alert now photo. Told mum it was time to get up and she did. Fed us our brekkies, then readed the paper. Now off to run some errands.


  1. I like to nap on my mum too and stretch right out. She complains though and says she always ends up with my butt by her face.

  2. Walking all over your mum, then sitting on her stomach is an excellent way to begin the day. Keep it up Ducky.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. What a great Caturday you're having.

  4. Ww loved the Unner-The-Covers pictues. We are about to show some like that ourselfs.

  5. We bet your Mum loves your morning visits! What a great excuse to lay in bed extra long.

  6. You make my Human sooooooooooo envious! While I will very occasionally get on the bed with the Human, I do *NOT* snuggle, nor do I lie within arm's length to be petted. For some reason, I find her more untrustworthy while she's asleeping, ha ha ha!

  7. We don't go unner the covers but we sure like to be on top when mom is in bed. (Dad moves around too much!)


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