Saturday, September 27, 2014


Happy Caturday to All. We are having a wonderful day, bright, sunny, warms, so that means the windows are open for us.

We got things off to an early start, waking mum up before the sun rose up today! So she got up, and moved to sleepily watch out the big windows that go to the floor. She even went outside in her jammies to fill the fevver feeders. Thankfully, no one went by on the trail to see her!

We decided to share the leopard pillow this morning for a bit. Yeah, we do get along and share sometimes. But we usually are a bit more independent.
Sending lots of purrs to our YouKay buddy Flynn. He is doing poorly and his beans are worried.


  1. Happy Caturday! I'm purring lots for Flynn.

  2. Nice to see you sharing that pillow.
    Thank you for your purrs.

  3. You wake your mum up and then you two go back to sleep? That doesn't seem fair.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. Me and Crockett share sometimes too.

    Sendin Flynn purrs.

  5. It looks like you're having a pretty good Caturday. We're purring like crazy for Flynn.

  6. We heard rumors tht yer Mom in her PJs will be a new viral youtube next Wensday...

  7. Hi guys. Happy Sunday morning to you! Enjoy that warm sun while it lasts!!


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