Monday, September 8, 2014

Mini ManCat Monday

If a dog jumps into your lap it is because he is fond of you; but if a cat does the same thing it is because your lap is warmer. - A. N. Whitehead

Well mum did some outside work, but not nearly as much as last weekend! She was done by lunch time on Caturday.

The shrubs were growing way too much on our side, so mum chopped them all off! Plus she trimmed off a few other things too. It was nice, sunny and no hots or humids!

Here is the pile of stuff mum will have to haul off, but that will wait for another weekend! Mum says it has to wilt down a bit first.
Then on Sunday, the neighbor came out and trimmed some too, but they didn't pick up the leftovers, yet at least. Mum says she will run over them with the grass eater, then they will be gone.

Since it was so nice, mum got shots of me with the open window. Inside and out!
Derby just napped in mum's chair. She was elsewhere doing stuff.

Feetsball Report 

Yes it is that time of the year again. Back to our weekly feetsball report. 

The Pack - They got to start the season last Thursday and the showed they were NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME! Wasn't pretty and mum said she didn't expect them to win either!

The Broncos - played the first Sunday night game against Peyton's old team The Colts. The Bronco's won and now Mr Peyton has beaten every team in the NFL! Not bad.

Grampa Brett - still retired, but mending fences with the Green and Gold gang.


Summer at said...

How nice that you got some open window time!

Sometimes, Cats Herd You said...

How cool that you got some open window time. It's still too hot for that here. Newton got onto the front porch, briefly, on Saturday, and reported back that it's still too hot for Florida kitties to hang out there yet.

The Florida Furkids said...

We would love some window wiffin' time. It's too hot for us too. Can we teleport over and enjoy your window wiffs?

The Florida Furkids

Photo Cache said...

oh sounds like a perfect weekend for every one.

Emma and Buster

Flynn said...

Glad you got some good whiffin' time. My dad says mum is like a maniac when she starts cutting shrubs back. Seems to work okay though.

da tabbies o trout towne said... biggest WIN in de his tree oh winz....EVER

notre dame 31 zilch nada zee roe nothin

we could call it quits now N all bee happee

Megan said...

Good to hear that all three of you had a relaxing weekend.

Sydney, Australia

The Island Cats said...

What a good weekend you all had. We hope Grandpa Brett isn't getting any ideas.

Lone Star Cats said...

I luv gettin in da window too!

Shaggy and Scout said...

We like the kitty pictures best!

Katnip Lounge said...

We can't wait for open window season!

Mommy laffed at the Grandpa Brett report...and wept for da Bears...

Ellen in Oregon said...

Glad to see there was plenty of window sniffin' time today. Your mom has been spending so much time working like a driven maniac in the yard lately. Glad she was able to spend part of the day with you guys. The new mulch looks great. It made my human's back hurt just to see all those heavy bags let alone everything else your mom did to make the yard look great over the past few weeks. We are happy for you boys that she was able to slow down a little, watch some football & share some chick-hen with you boys.

Shelley Morrow said...

My grandpa cut trees in our yard today too.

You look very cute sitting by the window.

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

Thank you so much for attending our Blogoversary Party! It was so special that you arrived and helped trash the house. It wouldn't have been so good a party without you.