Thursday, April 23, 2015

Garden Thursday

Hello and Welcome to Garden Thursday. Last week we thought spring was here, but this week we have had cold and snow showers. Sheesh, enuf with the snow, even it it doesn't stick.
 Back garden, the daylillies are up and growing, the daffs and tulips up and a few are blooming too.

 One of the pee-o-knees sticking new shoots up.
 The ornamental thistle starting to grow too.
 The lilac leafing out and with a mini-flower bud of blooms to come.
Naked ladies, at least that is what the naybor lady calls them. Mum says they are a type of lilly.

That is all, stay warm gang. Love Virginger and Glimmer.


  1. Love those daffs!

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Some of our tulips are beginning to open...but we've got snow :-(

  3. V & G....inn deed we had de snows heer two... R gardinz lookin sorta kinda good...R pee oh knee iz bout de same height; sum day lilliez iz out, sum knot, tho we iz wunderin wear R shasta daisy...noe re layshunz ta dai$y heer...we iz wunderin what happened two him coz we haznt seen him yet....

    hope yur week a head is snow free !!!


  4. Oh your garden is starting to look amazing!
    We hope ours starts soon. Some parts of our garden still have snow cover!
    It is melting quickly, just not fast enough.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  5. Your flowers are coming along nicely. Those naked ladies will have to be careful with the snow though. Our daffodils have finished now and everything seems early because we had a mostly mild winter. The Forsythia has lots of flowers and is getting ready to bloom

  6. You're lucky to have so many pretty flowers. I miss our lilacs.


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