Monday, April 6, 2015

ManCat Monday

Like a graceful vase, a cat, even when motionless, seems to flow. - George Will

Hey gang, happy Monday. Hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend. Mum and me had a quiet weekend. She got her head fur all curled on Caturday, then came home to do more stuff inside and outside the house. 
 Yes, even if Virginger and Glimmer are outside, I still do snoopervise from inside. Little by little mum is getting the outside ready for late spring and summer.
 We also took time to chill. Mum was in her reading and napping chair. I grabbed the flashy box strap but mum still got the pic.
 Oh deer, the one violet dropped to the floor overnight on Caturday/Sunday. Hey, if you didn't see me do it, then I didn't do it. Mum just put it back up then got the sucking monster to clean up.
 Late afternoon, the naybors were making all sorts of noise, they were distracting me from my Easter dinner.
 This was mum's Easter dinner. Roast beast, grilled eggyplant, and cucumber salad. 
 Keep the eggyplant and cukes, just give me the beast.

 And a few more bites. A bit over done mum. She tried her new meat thermometer out and it cooked way quicker than she expected. Even though she watched it cooking.Oh well it wasn't bad.

Mum says to ask that iffin you can, please pull for Bucky Badger tonight in the big championship bracketball game. They haven't won in 74 years, don't you think it is time they get to win? We do


  1. We'll pull for Wisconsin - we wuz happy to see em beat Kentucky.

  2. How awesome that you got a treat from your human's Easter dinner!

    Hey, I didn't see who knocked down that violet either.

  3. Just as well you're on the case, giving your mum some pointers with her cooking. As for that violet - of course it wasn't you!

    Sydney, Australia

  4. Ducky, didn't do it !
    that's why you deserved a good Easter Meal ;)
    Happy Monday
    Head butting =^~^=

  5. Glad you got some roast beast, Ducky! We'll be cheering on Wisconsin!

  6. We're thinking that Easter bunny was the culprit!

    We're rooting for your Bucky Badger tonight!

  7. Mommy would eat all of the dinner. She's weird that way. Don't get her started on cucumbers. And eggplant? Oh, my.
    Now spinach and sweet potatoes--I love them!

  8. Looks like it was a fine weekend and Yums! Roast Beast!

  9. dood...happee bee lated easturr bunny day...buddy...glad ewe N mum shared sum turf & glad ya getted a wee bit oh chillain in ...inn deed we will bee happee ta root on de badgers, we due knot haz tee vee hooked up, but we will root for em in R mondz eye !! ♥♥♥

  10. It sure looks like you had a pretty yummy Easter!

  11. The roast beast looks good. Hope Bucky Badger does well tonight.

  12. Nope, no way would a kitty knock down a must have jumped!

    We didn't get to share any of the mom bean's Easter dinner but we did get our stinky goodness, yum.

    Hope your team wins. Have a great week!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  13. Glad you got an Easter treat, Ducky! Oh, and tell your mum better a tipped over violet than yak.

  14. What an Easter dinner! The head peep was traveling and we didn't get an Easter dinner, unless you count a sandwich. We did steal some of that, though.

  15. Lucky you, Ducky, to get some beast! We'll be rooting for the Badgers because we sure don't want Duke to win.

  16. That all looks pretty nommy, Ducky! We was rootin' for Wisconsin--my cousin went to UWM for a couple years, so we was sorry to see Duke win. Still, it was unbelievable that they gotted all the way to the Championship Game, so good job!

    And our Giants winned their opener . . . . barely.


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