Thursday, June 11, 2015

Garden Thursday

Hello and welcome to Garden Thursday with Virginger, Glimmer and Trooper. Bizzy week again, cuz it is that time of the year. Stuff is growing and blooming.

First big thing this past week was the bee swarm. None of us had seen that afore and since they are gone we hope they found a good place to live. Like a nice hollow space in a deaded tree.
Our pee-o-knees are blooming nicely. The top one is from out front and the below from the back. Mum even cut a few flowers off to take to work, so she has something purrty to look at during the day.
Our red poppy bloomed! We haven't seen it in a few years. Mum says she needs to transplant it to a spot where it won't get crowded out. Now it is too close to the day lilies.
Lots of new growth on our blue spruce trees, mum should have taken the picture a few weeks ago when the color difference is better. But nice that they are growing.
That is all for this week, Love Virginger, Glimmer and Trooper.


  1. W don't mind bees, they are pretty peaceful. It the wasps that bother us. They get real up close and say "I could sting you " and then hover close.

    Love yer poppy. We hope yer Mom gets it a purrfect spot. We have some plants what need ta be moved a bit too.

  2. I loved the poppy and the spruce tree best. Thanks for showing them.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Peonies are one of Mum's favorite flowers ! You have a pretty garden, Ducky ! Purrs

  4. meowloz two ewe V G & T...another grate gardin post N we iz love in that oh de best treez on de planet in R book...for sure ...N we noe
    him stays...burd free !!! ☺

    we hope de beez finded a grate place ta live two...
    may bee they will come bak with a jar oh honeee for everee one for lettin em
    chillax ther fora few !! see ya next week ~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  5. Oh, I bet that spruce tree has a neat place underneath to hide!

  6. We love this time of year...seeing everything growing!

  7. we have absolutely NOTHING blooming in our garden. ugh

  8. You are all such good gardeners! Mom bean says she loves pee-o-knees but our yard doesn't have a space for one. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great weekend!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku


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