Monday, June 22, 2015

ManCat Monday

Cleanliness in the cat world is usually a virtue put above godliness. - Carl Van Vechten

Except when that cleanliness gets into mum. She went and washed all of my bed, throws, Gizzy quilts, EVERYTHING yesterday. What is a poor cat to do.

Leopard pillow from the table, GONE!

 I was just sitting and watching outside so nice, but I got up to get a quick bite of food. Mum snuck in and took the stuffings out.

The Gizzy quilts and one of the cat throws, all washed and ready for the dryer.
Next load in the washer. Somewhere at the bottom is the pod cover. Mum even washed some of this stuff twice trying to get as much fur off as possible. Even running it through the dryer so the lint filter would pick stuff up.
Sheesh, with all this cleaning you think mum was getting company. Oh, she is expecting visitors later this week. So that would explain the washing, extra dusting, extra vacuuming, etc. etc. etc. All weekend long.

Our purrs worked, mum's furiend Miss Lynn is home mum went to pick her up on Caturday afternoon. She got to the hospital by ambulance! Ya can't drive yourself when you are sick!
Guess this was the safest place to be yesterday. Mum can't wash the tower! Have a good week everyone.


  1. I don't mind when my stuff gets washed cuz I luv it straight outta da dryer.

  2. Poor Ducky. Now you're going to have to re-fur everything. That's going to take a big effort.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Ducky, you look so perturbed with all this cleaning! That is great new about Miss Lynn, though!

  4. Why can't humans just leave the cat stuff alone?

  5. Whew! We wouldn't put it past some moms to know how to wash towers too! Have fun putting your smells back where they belong!

  6. dood...we keep a sekrit stash oh shedded & brushed furs hidden a way
    for sit ewe wayshunz just like thiz...let uz noe how much looze fur ya want
    ta ree cover what wuz washed & we will get it out two ewe pron toe....


    happee ta heer bout yur mumz friend !

  7. We don't mind so much when Mum washes our stuff ; it's just a little bit annoying as we have to re-fur everything. Purrs

  8. Sounds like you're lucky she didn't try to wash YOU, Ducky! She washed everything else.

  9. What is it with moms and fur, anyway? Sometimes when we're extra fuzzy mine threatens to vacuum us!

  10. Just think about how much fun you'll have furring everything up again, Ducky!

  11. Careful she doesn't make a mistake and throw you in the washer Ducky!

    Have fun furring those blankets and beds up now.
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  12. We love fresh laundered beds and blankies. Lucky you!


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