Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tueday This and That

My pod has been re-assembled. The back part looks a bit wonky, mum can't get the stuffing to sit like she thinks it should.
All the parts, the cover, the round base stuffing and the long back stuffing.
Mum fussed with it and smooshed things around, this is how she left it.
She put it back where it normally sits, but.......
I haven't decided to sit on it just yet! That will show her.

Plus her cousin called and her hubby is having back problems, so now they aren't coming to visit on Friday. All that cleaning for nothing! Mum said it had to be done anyway.

We had a nice evening, mum sat outside in the nice fresh air, the windows are open and things are good.


  1. Now you have to get your fur back on EVERYTHING, Ducky! Sheesh.

  2. Now ya gotta get it back into shape too!

  3. Well, Ducky, I think you've got to sit your mum down and speak quite sternly to her: no washing your stuff if she can't get it back exactly the way it was. I think that's more than fair - after all, you are facing a mammoth task of re-furring everything and you shouldn't have to mould your pod into shape as well.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. We bet you have curled up in it by now though...

  5. But now you have a clean slate to start furring it up again!

  6. The other day, the hubby and I were on a walk around the neighborhood, and the hubby realized his black shirt was covered in white furrs from Angel! He gave it a few short swipes, but in the end he's wearing his furr shirt with pride, because he loves his Angel and his Chuck, and having cat furrs on everything is a GOOD thing!

  7. dood...thiz iz eggs act lee what happenz everee time
    a washin oh any kind getz done heer in de land oh trout...

    bak in gram paw dude's day, de food gurl took de cover off
    his bed, washed it... N de bed never setted level on de floor


    mum owez ewe a new pod.....♥♥♥

  8. But now she gets to spend more time with you, since all her chores are done!


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