Saturday, January 9, 2016


Happy Weekend All! Nice to get through the first week of the year. Mum survived working all five days!
Me mooching treats early this AM. It is sort of icky lately. All foggy and such, can't see very far. Mum says it is going to get cold, so we have to be ready to snuggle.

Mum says lots of feetsball this weekend. That means mum will be working on the blankie while she watches. The Pack plays the last game of the weekend.


  1. Feetsball and snuggling with Mommy sounds like a fine way to spend Caturday, Ducky.

  2. Nothing like the 1st treat of the day, huh Ducky. Cold icky weather is perfect for snuggling with your mom.she Maybe mom will let you lay on the finsihed part of that sweet pink blankie while she's workin' on it. Be prepared for mom to get verrrrry excited when her team scores a touchdown 'cuz you could end up on the floor if she jumps up real fast. Watchin' football can make some Humans verrrrry excited, sorta like when we cats see a mousie or burd. Humans may not twitch their lips like cats do when excited, but Humans do like to jump up & down while waving their arms wildly in the air while shouting encouraging stuff. Get ready for some foootball Ducky & mom!

  3. Your weekend sounds top notch, Ducky.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. Ooh, tomorrow should be innerestin. Cuz WE are Washington DC footsball fans here. Bet ours win! Our team has won 4 games inna row, and yers lost like 4 of 6...

    On the other paw, OUR team has a long history of "choking" when it matters. It all depends on whether "Cap't Kurt" throws more TDs than innerceptions.

  5. No football in our house but lots of snuggling.

  6. Have a super Sunday sweetie!

    Noodle and crew


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