Monday, January 11, 2016

ManCat Monday

No tame animal has lost less of its native dignity or maintained more if its ancient reserve. The domestic cat might rebel tomorrow. - William Conway

Yeah, be nice or we are going to take over. Heck even if you are nice we are going to take over. Yep, world cat domination, you know it is coming.

We had a bit of snow on Caturday night, not much. Mum cleared off the driveway and with a sunny day it melted all clear. It is the coldest it has been so far this winter, so me and mum have been snuggling. She has been watching the mooving picture box, mostly feetsball, news, weather. Mum says we didn't win the jackpot, she had one number right! But then no one else won it either!
 Mum watch at least some of all of the feetsball games, all four of them, so she got lots done on the blankie. I was helping her above and below is how much is done as of halftime in the Packer game.
Feetsball Report

The Pack -Well the good team showed up this weekend. So they won, beating the Sunburns and moving on in the play offs. On Caturday they play the RedBirds, who beat the Pack pretty badly a few weeks ago.

Someone asked if I had to worry about getting dumped off mum's lap when she cheers. No, mum is not the type to jump off the couch and cheer. She may cheer, clap or if a touchdown is scored, raise her hands over her head. 

Playoff games were strange, all of the homes teams lost! That usually doesn't happen. So we will see what happens next weekend!


  1. Glad to hear that your mum doesn't get too overexcited and unsettle you during the feetsball games, Ducky. She's looking out for you!

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Brrr, it sounds cold at your place! WAY colder than our cold here on the West Coast. Stay warm!

  3. Sweet Colour ! and it's best..It keeps you warm =^x^=

  4. A friend of ours in the US has bought us a jackpot ticket for Wednesday...

    Have a great week and keep warm. It's going to get colder here too.

    The Chans

  5. It has got colder here as well, but still not as cold as normal.

  6. dood....yur blankit iz total lee awesum....keep it close even if mumz still werkin on waz 4 degreez heer two day......two brisk ~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  7. Does your mum let you snuggle under the blankie while she works on it? That would be fab!

  8. It's pretty cold here now too. And we're supposed to get some snow tonight. Yuck,

  9. Happy 2016!

    We are back,
    Emma and Buster

  10. You're lucky Ducky, 'cuz when our mom been cheers she yells, and jumps and is just a real nuisance to us sleeping kitties! We usually go sleep on her bed or hide in the basement.

    Have a great week!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  11. Concats on The Packer guys win over our "Sunburns" (we love that way of putting it).


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