Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday This and That

A few more snowflakes today, not much, but still. Me and mum both want spring to be here now, not in a few months. Mum says first day of spring is in 54 days.

Mum is furry mad at the sqwerls. They started eating at the lid on her box she keeps the nyger seed in for the finches. Stupid, destructive creatures! She puts out stuff for them to eat, why do they have to chew on the storage box. They don't even like nyger seed! Sunflower seed yes, mum keeps that stuff in metal containers they can't chew!

Miss Megan from Sydney, way down under had a comment on my post from last week Answer your Cat's Questions Day

Here are some questions that I'd be interested to know the answers to:
- how come you're a cat and your mum is a bein? Who decides that? And how is the decision made? Me and mum discussed, we don't or didn't decide this, guess God did.

- who designs the arrangement of the orange and white furs on your body? I'll give this one up to the man upstairs again.

- cats aren't natural hunters of fish, so how come most cats like fish?  It tastes good. I like ham and I am not likely to hunt a pig, or grilled beast, not gonna take down a cow.

Mum got a new puter at work. Says it is being a pain having to set stuff up, specially when the network is being wonky on her. She says the webs here at home is faster!

Hope every one is getting dug out of the snow out east. We haven't heard from Uncle Flip, but he is known for not communicating much.


  1. We don't want spring to come too soon--else my mom will just start complaining about the heat! And as for the stoopy squirrels, who knows what goes on in those tiny brains?

  2. TBT had a friend who insisted in keeping his sunflower seeds outside in a plastic trash can. The Evil Skwerls ate a "Perfect" circle in the top to get at them. When the level of the seeds they reached in an grabbed got too low, one fell inside and died. Ruined the whole batch of seeds. TBT suggested keeping the seeds indoors or buying a metal trash can.

    So what did he do? He bought a new plastic lid. HUH? Yes they ate through that one too. Sooo, he stopped feeding the birds... We haven't seen that guy here in 5 years.

  3. Those were good questions - I'm glad you had answers.

  4. Thanks for asking your mum my questions, Ducky.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. We hope you hear from your uncle soon! The Mom wishes Spring were here already, too. Hers isn't much for the cold weather, either. Stay warm, Ducky!

  6. Silly squirrels! Our rodenty friends always chew on their own nut box too. Our mom says it's because squirrels' teeth are always growing and they need to chew on hard things to wear them down (to prevent bad things happening). But that said, our dad has to buy them a new squirrel nut box every other year that he shouldn't have to do if they would just go chew on something else! Hey, maybe our chewing squirrels have moved to your house! Sorry!

  7. It's nice of you to give us your answers. Purrs

  8. I like your answers. It made me laugh to picture you chasing a cow.

  9. Those evil sqwerls breakin' into the finch burds food. We think they do stuff like that because they can Where we live, the sqwerls are causing lot of trouble by chewing through the wires under the hoods of Human's cars. The sqwerls like to go get warm by sitting near the warm engines & while they get warmed up, they like to chew through the wiring. Then when the peeps come out to go to their day hunting gigs, they find their cars won't start up. They pay lots of green papers to get their cars repaired and the sqwerls just do the same thing over again. We think those evil sqwerls may not live to reach old age (if ya get our drift). Maybe sqwerls should have to get real jobs. They'd be so busy they wouldn't have time to cause trouble.

    Ms. Megan asked you & mom some interesting questions. Unfortunately, we don't have all the answers. We are happy to know your not planning on taking down a cow anytime soon, Ducky. We're not positive, but hunting for your own meat sounds like it could be dangerous, even for a manly mancat such as yourself. We thought you liked your pork & beef best when your mom buys it & roasts it on the grill. Your poor mom, having to set-up & learn a new computer system is no fun. At least that's our Human's opinion.


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