Monday, January 4, 2016

Mancat Monday

One cat just leads to another.  - Ernest Hemingway

Hmmm, I would like to stay as an only cat if I can. I like getting all the attention, treats, cuddles, toys and all. Mum has sometimes looked at kitties, but, she has talked to her furiends that she is happy with just me.

Well, the holly-daze are over. Mum has to go back to day hunting fives days a week. She hasn't done that for a month! She took some days off, then was sick, then the holly-daze. Oh, she wasn't gone super long on Caturday. Got her stuff done in a couple of hours, snagged some free lunch and then back home with me.

Yeah, I am using the hammick. It took a few days to figure out it wouldn't crash when I sit on it. The warms blow under the thing, so I still get warms. 

Feetsball Report

The Pack - played in prime time. First, mum didn't watch the whole game. She stopped to watch Downton Abbey in the middle of it. Mum sort of thinks the Not Ready for Prime Time Packers showed up again, they did have a bit of a spark at the end. The end result of the game was a Packer loss. So they are a wild card and will play the Washington Sunburns next weekend.

The Broncos - Mr Peyton played!  He gave them a spark in the second half. They will be the top seed in the playoffs, so they get next weekend off. Mum even got to watch the game which she was happy for that.

Happy week everyone!


  1. Since 3 of us all grew up together, we are used to being together.
    Julie is the newest and we think she would like to be an only cat.
    She is blending in well though.
    That hammock over the heat vent is purrfect placement!

    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. I've never been an only kitty, so I would probably be lonely all by myself - but if you like it, Ducky, then why change?

  3. You look very comfy on your ham-mick now, Ducky.
    I miss my brother and it does get lonely to not have him to snuggle with, but I am very territorial and mum thinks it would upset me if I had a new brother, and she says she can't chance that with my health problems.

  4. dood...happee week a head two ewe anda happee healthee 2016 grate yeer two ewe & mum .... !! ♥♥♥

  5. That hammick looks comfortable, especially since it will warm your underparts with the heat blowing under like that.

  6. Looks like you figured the hammick out! Happy New Year to you and your Mom! Hope it brings you lots of good health and happiness and nip!
    Marty and the Gang

  7. I don't know, Ducky. My mom was good with just me and Caroline and Elliott, and then...TWO MORE KIDS AT ONCE!

  8. Ducky, you might like having somebuddy to play with. But then you'd hafta get another hammick because you don't look like you'd share that one.

  9. Best spot in the house for a ham-mick!

  10. Ducky, you look spendid lounging on your hammick. The hammick is the best of both worlds. The soft cuddlyness of the hammick & the lovely warm from the heat vent. We can see that mom has her hands full with just you, so we understand why she is fine with just one kitty. Personally, us kit-tehs usually like having the company of another cat in case we need a head bath or someone to cuddle with while mom is out of the house, but to each his own as Humans say. We hope your mom was well rested since she finally had to go back to her day hunting gig. Our mom says going back can be a shock to da system (whatever that means). We're just really glad to be cats.

  11. But you might LIKE having a little sister around!

    BTW, yer The Pack guys are gonna play our Washington team on the weekend. Bet ya a toy mousie that you win...


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