Saturday, June 30, 2018


HiYa, Ducky here. Happy Caturday! It will be another super hot one here, so mum and I have planned to stay inside with the air chiller and fans.

Thanks for all of the purrthday wishes. I got lots of love and gooshy foods from mum. Even though it is hot, I still want to sit on her lap, or lay next to her in bed. I just loves being with my mum. She says I make her feel hot when I sit on her. Well, hot ladies are a good thing mum.
Mum has her supply of books so no need to go out in the hots. She doesn't even want to go out to freshen up the hummer feeders, but she knows she will have to. Get it over early before it gets even hotter girl!

So to help us cool off, just amember we could be dealing with this white stuff!
Happy weekend.


  1. Ducky, we get the same "too hot" speech here too. We're getting a cooling trend here--only the low to mid 90s! Stay cool, you two!

  2. It's the same here, Ducky. We try to stay cool by doing nothing under the bushes, and Claire is watering her feet while she's watering the garden, MOL ! Purrs

  3. I think you need to insist on being allowed to sit on your mum even when it's hot, Ducky. A need for companionship and attention doesn't dissipate in the hot weather - and your mum needs to see that you love her no matter how hot it is. LOL

    Sydney, Australia

  4. We are having nice weather here, and we never have to deal with snow! My human says that there's a downside to that, in that your body gets wimpy and doesn't acclimate well to different weather. Maybe she is right because I did not like snow at all when I experienced it!

  5. Oh Ducky, dad agrees with you on the hot lady thing. He says he's got the best one around. It's been hot here, too, and yesterday we spent the day lounging, catching up on much needed sleep and binge-watching Black Orphan, mom and dad's latest discovery. Dad's got to go out shortly to take care of the pool on this property, and he's on call for emergencies, but hopefully we'll get to have another relaxing day inside.

  6. It is hot and humid here too. I have lots I want to do, but can't raise the enthusiasm to do it.

  7. Oh no you didn't! You did NOT put a photo of deep, dark, cold WINTER up there!


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