Thursday, June 14, 2018

Garden Thursday

Hello, a quickie post from us. Mum is operating on the old puter as the newer one is having an issue and is in the fixit shop.
 Mum is not happy as something, rather someone, likely a raccoon, keeps knocking the hummer feeders down. So mum has to get them all cleaned and refilled. She has multiple feeders so always has clean ones to put up, but then she has to make more sugar water for them too. She never puts a lot of nectar in at a time, just for this reason. Plus it won't go bad in the heat.
 Above is one of the columbines in the back yard. Really full of blooms this year, must like it sitting next to the bleeding heart plant. 
 Here is a pic of the zinnia that mum just got a few weeks ago, already blooming, but the flower is sort of small. The plant could have flowers that are 4-5 inches across.
Here is the oriental lilly showing flower buds too. We should have flowers here soon. 

That is it. Enjoy, see you next week. 


  1. Aren't those columbines pretty? Well done mum!

    Sydney, Australia

  2. The columbines are pretty. We had them in the garden when I was a child. I don't see them around very often now, but we do have some wild ones in one of the fields. A bird probably left seeds there at some time and they come back every year.

  3. The zinnia reminds our mom of a childhood neighbor's house. They had a wonderful flower garden along side their house.

    Too bad about the feeders. What about hanging them from fishing line off a tree branch? That might work.

  4. And we are excited because our milkweed plants have buds! Sheesh!

  5. hay ewe galz....pleez ta tell mum ta move de feederz away frum stuff a racoonz can use aza launchin pad coz they can jump thiz wayz _____________ a prette good diztance....

    { even if de gal raccoon in minnee sota wanted ta proove they can go UP a big bunch o wayz two ~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  6. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures. After seeing your picture of your zinnia and that it can get a four to five inch flower across. We are looking to plant something like them around our office. You have a beautiful garden. Now lets hope those raccoons stay away from those feeders. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  7. We're lucky that we've never had anything knock our hummingbird feeder down, but we hang it from the eave of the roof. It would be annoying to have a raccoon using it to satisfy a sweet tooth. You could try teaching it a lesson by filling it with white vinegar. Maybe it would think twice about trying to knock it down the next time.

  8. Your Columbine is lovely. We have some, but it has become a bit sunny for them, so they need ta be moved. BTW, our hummer feeders are hanging under the roof overhang at the house and shed, so there is no way anything around here (but ants and hummers and TBT) that can get to them. And the wires they hang from has sticky stuff on them, so ants are seldom a problem.


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