Thursday, March 21, 2019

Throw Back Thursday

It might be spring, this is the first full day of spring, but mum checked with the girls and they don't want to come out yet. Not that I blame them. Not much going on in the garden yet. A few hints of green and future flowers. Still snow on the ground in a few places yet too. Mum thinks the front of the house snow will be gone by Friday. 
 So I am keeping an eye on the snow, slowly watching it go away. I hope it doesn't come back for a very long time.
 Today's throw back takes us back 10 years again to Derby. Napping in the sun and distracting mum from trying to read. He wanted treats!

From March 23, 2009

ManCat Monday

You can't own a cat. The best you can do is be partners. - Sir Harry Swanson

Just a regular weekend here, the usual happened; mum did the laundry, cleaned, went out to eat twice with different furiends, but brought fish home to share!; shopped

On Saturday she was at the back door and was just about to go outside and I appeared wanting to go outside too. So mum scooped me up and out we went, mum would not let me walk around on my own, said it was too mushy in the grass. But as we enjoyed some of the afternoon sunshine and being just under the patio roof, the hawk swooped by! He landed on the back fence at most 30 feet from us! He didn't stay long and flew off where we could not see him.

But mum hugged me tight and said that is why I am not allowed to wander around by myself outside. Mr Hawk my think I am a good target to have for lunch! Mum left me sniff the dirt in the empty planters, soon we will have flowers again.
Mum moved my one bed to back by the big windows that go to the floor. In the late afternoon the sun comes in and gives me a nice spot to nap.
Plus mum read her book for a bit, I was trying to distract her so I could get some treats. I was successful, plus she finished reading this book too.

Sunday after she went shopping and was putting all of the stuffs away I was checking things out. Well I managed to get to get my head through the handles of the bag, mum realized this and reached out to get it off me, but I jumped down off the counter before she could reach me. What was in the bag was not heavy but it sort of scared me. I didn't realize that I had my head through the handle, and when I jumped I didn't expect the bag to come with me. But mum came right over and ripped the handle from around me and I took off. She managed to get to me before I really freaked out. Mum warns me when I get too close to the bags but I always gotta check them out. Guess I live dangerously.


  1. I hope the last snow goes away quickly!

  2. Snow- yuck! Hey, I do that same thing when mom and dad are trying to read. You know, books- especially ones that are open and trying to be read- make awesome chin scratching posts.

  3. Thank cod your mum was holding you when that hawk appeared!

  4. Oh yea, no more snow would be terrific!

  5. It's nice to see the shoots appearing.
    The hawks here mostly go for the other birds up to pigeon and seagull size, but sometimes they will catch rabbits or unsuspecting pheasants on the ground.

  6. That Derby was sure clever. Here's to no more snow this season!

  7. All of our snowdrop flowers are up, which means the last of the snow has come and gone...or very nearly so. YAY!

  8. Derby sure got into absolutely everything, didn't he?

    Sydney, Australia


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