Monday, September 13, 2021

Mini-ManCat Monday

Slowly, with a look of intense concentration, he got up and advanced on me ... put out a front paw, and stroked my cheek as I used to stoke his chops. A human caress from a cat. I felt very meagre and ill-educated that I could not purr. - Sylvia Townsend Werner

Mum can't purr either, but she does snore sometimes! MOL. 

Me sitting on the back of mum's chair. Gotta keep an eye on her. You can see her shoulder here, she was still in her jammies at nearly lunch time the other day. 

 Mum worked on her crow-shay and says she is now done with making hats. The above pic shows the hats she made withe some of the odds and ends of her yarns. Plus some from of the extra stuff she got just to make hats. These are the kiddie size hats. Mum counted and there are 53 of these hats. She hasn't counted the adult hats yet. 

Feetsball Report

Yep, it is that time of the year again. Mum didn't watch all day, but she also watched the baseball game. 

The Pack -  PEEEE YOU! They lost bad, really stunk up the joint. Thank goodness they were playing in an outside stadium so the stink has somewhere to go. They were supposed to play inside but the game got moved cuz of the hurry-cane a few weeks ago. 

Heck the whole North division lost their first games yesterday. Gonna be a long year!

Have a good week everyone!



  1. It's a real pity that humans can't purr, isn't it?

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Whoaa, that's quite a load of hats your mum made! You know, Ducky, your chair's color is identical to dad's chair, over which I've taken possession. Dad snores, too, and mom says sometimes it sounds like a freight train. Have an awesome week, my friend.

  3. dood...whoa !!! mum maded a lot oh hats for sure; they all iz way awesum !!! her doez grate gurl tried ta cro shayz onze; talk bout a hot mess oh knotz......YOW ~~~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  4. Sweetie like to head bunt me, but when I put out my hand to stroke her fur, she bites!

  5. You have to do all the purring Ducky!

  6. Dad watched racing and it was pretty good. Purrs to Mom for all her hard work and you for helping with nap support

  7. Ducky sadly too many humans snore!! Those hats look great. Tell your mum well done :-D

  8. You find some of the BEST quotes!

    Actually, Humans CAN make purring sounds, but they have ta do a weird thing with their tongues fer it.

    That is a LOT of hats!

    Our feetball thrower team lost its starter tosser of great hopes the first part of the 1st game, so it is going to be a long season...


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