Thursday, September 2, 2021

Puzzle Thursday

 Oh yeah, things have gotten super nice around here. Lots of open windows and just chilling for me and mum. Yesterday was ginger day too. Yeah, me and mum cellybrated. 

So nice if you look close you can see I am actually sitting in the window itself. Yeah, pick a spot and just hang out.

Later after lunch I decided to hang in the sun in the kitchen. Nice place to nap and mum actually got close enuf to get a shot without me waking up right away. Derby like to just stretch out on the table itself. 

Mum went back to the really old pics, back when I first moved in and found a pic of both me and Derbs hanging out in the kitchen with him spread out all over the table. It was our old table too.

So I haven't given you any puzzles in a few weeks so here we go. Some sun bathing pics of the two of us. 

Plus we made it to another new month!

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  1. Happy Ginger Cat Day, Ducky - to one of the greats!

    Sydney, Australia

  2. That's a great windowsill to spend a special Ginger Cat Day. I really like the wood of the windowsill and frame and the wall colour that Mum has, and they show up how lovely your Ginger fur is. Take care and stay safe, xx
    Michelle in Wellington, New Zealand

  3. Happy belated Ginger Cat Day, Ducky! Me and dad love that photo of you and Angel Derby. So sweet.

  4. Happy Ginger Cat Day! It was nice to see Angel Derby too.

    Thanks for the puzzles!

    The Florida Furkids

  5. Ginger cats ROCK!
    We don't have we love them!
    I'll puzzle later, thanks!

  6. You sure look comfy Ducky and that was such a sweet flashback.

  7. happee bee lated ginger day two ewe dood.....theez fotoz bee awesum ....heerz hopin de nice weatherz stay and ya get lotz MOR window time :) ♥♥

  8. Ohhh... That's some nice window setup you've got there. I have to admit, I'm kinda jealous.


  9. Amazing photos and love the old one of you both :-D

  10. Ducky you are an amazing Ginger Fellow and we sure enjoyed seeing Derby. Thanks my friend. Ginger Cats Rule!

  11. Those are nice photos of you both relaxing in the sun.


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