Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Parting Gifts

 Hey gang! I am feeling much better, I am eating more too! Mum is happy about that. 

I got a gift bag when we visited the stabby lady on Sunday. Oh, mum says it wasn't a gift, she had to pay for what was inside. OK, so more of a parting bag of stuff!

The top little box is a cream that mum is putting in my ears! It is an appetite stimulant stuff. I think it is working! 

The food was a suggestion since I had shown some interest at the stabby place. Mum can return it if I don't eat it. Well mum gave me some chick-hen she had roasted on Caturday night. She also had it in some broth in the fridge. So when she gets some out it is nice and moist. Then she zaps it for just a few seconds in the micro-zapper thingy so it isn't cold.

Tasty stuff and I know she has more in the big cold box to make more. Plus I have been eating some of my regular gooshy foods too. 

So I am resting, eating and hanging out with mum. Thanks for all your purrs. I am improving!


  1. dood....we haz been off de webz fora few....then hurd ya waz feelin like ...blah....

    we iz sorree ya had ta go two de ewe noe wear place....N we hope bye now ewe iz like 100000000000000000000 purrcent better.....st francis' blessingz two ewe buddy.....

    if eatin a bass terd chcikn meenz ya get better....then pleez eat all de bass terd chicknz on de planit....bee well ~~~ ♥♥♥

  2. We are so very glad you are improving Ducky, chow time!

  3. That is really great news Ducky and if you need it that ear stuff works. We are keeping the purrs and prayers flowing!

  4. That is very good news that you are doing so much better.

  5. Glad you are feeling better. That cream is so much better than the pills. Whenever my cats had the pills, they acted loopy, but not with the cream.

  6. Oh Ducky I am so glad you are feeling better. Yes the stabby place is expensive here! Glad you are eating :-D Love the video too :-D

  7. Ducky, I’m so glad you’re eating more and feeling better.

  8. Oh, sorry dear Ducky. We've been struggling a bit to catch up on here and didn't realize you'd been having problems. I hope the stimulant works and you're able to eat better. Gotta keep that weight from dropping further. Dad put your video on full screen and I could've just sat there watching you over and over and over!

  9. So Ducky, your rapid recovery might suggest that you were just play acting all along to ensure that you got some really yummy yummy foods - right?

    Sydney, Australia

  10. We are so glad you are doing better Ducky !


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