Saturday, December 18, 2021


 HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday. One week to Santa Claws and Christmouse! Are you ready? 

Notice anything missing in this pic?

The sparkly tree is gone! No one stole it, but mum went to turn it on and nothing happened. No lights coming off the tree. Mum could tell the little color wheel was moving so it wasn't totally dead but no light!

Mum got her handy, dandy tools out and took it apart. You can see the color wheel and the little white base where the light goes. The little round metal piece helps hold the light in place.

So mum could get a good close up look at the light bulb and read the codes. So mum ordered another bulb and it should be here on Monday sometime. Then I will have my sparkly tree back, if mum manages to get it all back together.

So that is it from around here. We might see snow flakes today, but not much is coming. Probably going to be a No White Christmouse here. 

We had a super wind storm but nothing bad happened here. We didn't lose power, nothing blew away. A bird feeder kept getting blown over but that was an easy fix. Mum picked up the sticks that fell from the trees. 

Lots of people getting sick again, so you all stay safe and healthy.


  1. Here's hoping your sparkly tree gets reincarnated, Ducky!
    We are experiencing snowy rain, but this is Michigan...nothing less than a 1/2 foot of snow stops us!

  2. I hope that bulb arrives on Monday so you get your tree back.

  3. Hidey ho there, Duckmeister! Sorry about your Christmas tree woes. Hopefully your mum can get it back together once the new bulb arrives. No snow here... yet. Hopefully we won't see any ever, though we can't rule out an ice storm or two. You're right about lots of people getting sick again. If only we'd ALL listened when this sh*t first started we'd likely be in a different boat by now, but that's just our two cents. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. Dang, we hope you're able to get your tree back Ducky!

  5. I’m sure your tree will be back good as new, Ducky!

  6. Haven't you got a clever mum, Ducky? I'm confident that she'll get the tree sorted for ya.

    Sydney, Australia

  7. It's good to have a handy human around the house - mine would have done the same thing.


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