Monday, December 27, 2021

Mini-ManCat Monday

With velvet paws and shining eyes they steal into our hearts...

The heart stealer of the day isn't me but Derby. This is the day he got his wings and ran off to The Bridge. Mum misses him very much. This is one of her fav pics of him. Miss you big guy. 

Yesterday was box day and there are all kinds of boxes here but I really don't mess with them. Little ones, long ones. Even some big plastic ones.

Now this one I like the one bit of loose cardboard. I use that to sharpen my paws.

Me and mum had a nice quiet Christ-mouse at home. Mum fixed some roast beast and she shared a bit of if with me. She also gave me a whole can of gooshy foods! It took me all day to finish it, but it was yummy. Mum gave me a new nip nanner and fevver but mousies. Both are my favorites. 

We have passed the shortest daylight hours, but just now getting to the latest sunrise. Mum does not like to get up before the sun rises. We have gained about 7 minutes on the sunset and on a clear day you can tell it too. You can even make out the trees against the sky at 5 PM on a clear day. Hooray for the sun coming back north. 

Feetsball Report

The Pack - The Pack played on Caturday afternoon. Yep the afternoon of Christmouse! Mum made sure she was all ready to sit and watch. Me too. They played the Brownies and came out with a win. ARodg threw some TD passes and the first one he threw moved him passed Grampa Brett as the team leader of TD passes. As we get to playoff time the team is currently the number 1 seed. Next week we get to play the ViQueens at Lambeau.

Last few days of the year. Where did it go so fast!


  1. We feel for you. This is also the day that Tommy left us, three years ago.

    We have also had a quiet Christmas and everyone is going stir-crazy!

    Tama and Benny

  2. Roast beast AND gooshy foods? Wowza Ducky!

    Sydney, Australia

  3. That is a lovely photo of Derby. We never stop missing them.
    I like your video.

  4. We know that Angel Derby is happy that you are taking care of your humom, Ducky!
    No box is safe around here; Da Boyz LURV them, and they will chew on them from time to time.

  5. Hugs as you remember dear Derby, now and always.

  6. We also had a quiet Christmas. That's a lovely photo of Derby, we send you special purrs for that special day. Purrs and hugs

  7. Aww, what a special photo. We know how much you must miss Angel Derby. Your box-curious video is sweet, Ducky, and we love your up-closeness at the end! Glad your Christ-mouse was relaxing and quiet, and here's to a fab New Year!!

  8. Boxes are nice Ducky, but nothing beats cuddle time with Mom !


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