Monday, December 6, 2021

Mini-ManCat Monday

Nothing's more playful than a young cat, nor more grave than an old one. - Thomas Fuller 

Hmm, I like to play, so does that make me a young cat? Or, at least a young at heart cat? 

Mum was around all weekend and was working on holly-day stuff. She started on the cards, made the final batches of peppermint bark and brought the little sparkly tree up from the dungeon.

 The kitch-hen table full of stuff so mum can work on her cards. She got the ones that have to fly across the pond done and taken to the postal station. Now she needs to write letters in many of those that are left.
Here is me with the sparkly tree in the back. We can see if from where we normally sit or nap. Plus people walking on the trail can see it too!

Mum saw this as she drove off to the postal station on Caturday. She laffed and she peeked out later and he lights up too.Sort of matches up with the real woofie who lives inside the house.

It also spit rain and snow on Sunday, enuf to stick a bit but it won't last long. Today is supposed to be super windy so mum is staying home from going to a Christ-mouse market. She will go another day. 

Feetsball Report

The Pack had a week off, becuz every team gets a week off. So mum watched little bits of other games. We are happy to report that the DeeTroit Lions beat the ViQueen! Beating the Queens is the best thing and also the Lion guys finally won a game this  year. 

Plus you can see the latest blankie she is working on. I like to help her with this stuff and she is thrilled every time I climb on her lap and butt her hand. She says if I am not careful I will get my eye poked. No lady, you be careful of me!

Happy week everyone.


  1. That is a pretty sparkly tree, and the light up dog is cute too. I posted all my overseas cards the end of last month so hopefully yours has arrived. If not it shouldn't be long.

  2. I like your sparkly tree, Ducky. It was really windy here today…and we got a little bit of snow too. ~Ernie

  3. I'm glad you're playing Ducky, that's a good thing. Brrrrr, that snow stuff does look cold!

  4. What a lovely pic of you on Mum's latest blanket! Here it is supposedly Summer now (like Australia, we note the change of season on the 1st of the month)yet yesterday it was just 11C/52F with heaps of flooding from heavy rain. I'm okay here on a steep hill. Hope you both keep warm and stay safe too! Michelle in Wellington, New Zealand

  5. Having started my cards yet, because I'm determined to finish my HUGE library book before it's due back!
    Maybe I'll get to them this weekend.


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