Thursday, December 2, 2021

Garden Thursday

 Yep, mum says it is today for the final garden work of the year. She will go out and use the grass eater one last time. Even off the grass and chew up the last of the leaves. The village people finally came and picked up the big pile of leaves from the street Tuesday. So now there isn't much to blow back into the yard. 

Mum went out last night and counted that 6 of the 12 houses have outside lights on on them. Plus one more has a pretty tree right in front of the big window. Mum says it is nice to see all the pretty lights outside. 

Mum finished the colorful blankie. This one she is calling Prizm. She decided to name all of the blankies this year. So far, Flamingo, Tortie, Lotus Blossom and Prizm. She hasn't decided what to call the newest one yet. Yeah, she started another one right away. Plus she has readed a couple of books. Heck, she reads an entire book in one day. But then she started on last night and said she didn't like it so just moved on to the next one. 

Plus she made some of this stuff. She calls it peppermint bark. Doesn't look like a woofie to me!

Yes mum I do have to sit right here and keep an eye on you. Someone has to make sure you stay bizzy, otherwise you get into trouble!


  1. That is a nice photo of you, Duck. The blankie is bright and cheerful to brighten up a cold winter.

  2. Ducky, please allow your mom a few breaks, 'cause all work and no play...!

  3. mum did a grate job on de blankit dood :) ♥

  4. You are such a good supervisor Ducky and that blankie sure is beautiful!

  5. Wow, what a great blanket! And all the better for your supervision through it all. Around here we don't get a leaves and branches collection, but then our most of our trees are green all year round. Sending love and care from down under, Michelle in Wellington, New Zealand xx


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