Monday, January 3, 2022

Mini-ManCat Monday

You don't train cats, they train you.

It is an never ending thing trying to train a human. Mum can learn, but sometimes I thinks she forgets far too easy. 

Mum picked up and stored all of the Christ-mouse stuff yesterday. My little sparkly tree is back in its storage box in the dungeon. The other little trees she got were put into the big plastic boxes she got last week. She still has the door wreath to put away, but that is a quick and easy thing to do. 

When she put things away she got out these little white snow people. Yeah, now that we have snow on the ground the snow people can come to stay for the snow season.

Here you can see the snow, but mum took it to study the bird bath holder. The sqwerls get up there and drink, then when they jump off they knock it over. It appears that a fitting is broken. So mum will have to see if she can fix it. You know she is good at fixing things. Although fixing things in the cold might be a bit of a challenge. 

You can see me sitting on mum watching feetsball and trying to work on the latest blankie. Newest colors are a blend of black and cream and grey.

Yeah mum I will pin you in your chair and you will give me love!

Feetsball Report

The Pack -  Played the ViQueens on Sunday Night Feetsball on the frozen tundra of Lambeau field. Both teams got off to a slowish start. Then ARodg and company got it in gear and started to score. Heck they were so far ahead towards the end of the game they let the backup guy play!

Winning last night assures them of being the number 1 seed for the playoffs. So the road to the Stouper Bowl goes through Green Bay. It also means they get a week off to watch everybody else play. Next week is the final game of the season in Dee-Troit!

Have a wonderful week everyone. 


  1. We had snow, and now it's bitterly cold out there, Ducky...but it's sorta pretty in the sunshine.
    The Pack will have no troubles with the Detroit, um...Lions.

  2. Wow! Snow! The weather here had been unseasonably warm, although it is supposed to cool down after tomorrow. But no sign of any snow!

    Tama and Benny

  3. Hey there Ducky! We got some snow here, too, though only about half an inch. The temps have dropped drastically, too. Dad said when he got up at 4 this morning it was about 45 out, and right now it's 31 with a wind chill of 18! Looks like mum's latest blankie is a nice cozy one for you to take advantage of. Stay warm, my furriend.

  4. Those snow people are cute. It is still stupid warm for the time of year but should get colder from tomorrow.

  5. What cute snow people! We got a little snow here and now it’s really cold. Brrrrrrrr!

  6. Cute snow people ! It's been pretty warm for the season here, no snow anymore, but it's going to cool down again tomorrow. Purrs


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