Monday, January 24, 2022

Mini-ManCat Monday

Cats allow us to love them, for which we should be duly grateful.

I get lots of loves from mum, plus lots of you who loves me from afar online. I loves getting loves! Mum posted the below pic during the week while she worked on a blankie. Lots of you loved me! Oh, and the blankie too. Mum is taking it easy with the blankie making these days. Her shoulder was getting wonky and she found it hard to find a good position to sleep. So took some days off and limiting how long she crow-shays. No more doing it every day and during all of the feetsball games.

So what is mum doing with her time? Yeah, reading. You see that big pile of books behind me? Yeah, she is hitting the books again. Brought home ten, still two getting brought in from other libraries. She was going to pick them up on Friday, then the library closed cuz they had a huge water leak, which damaged a big meeting room. Mum got the books on Caturday instead. 

Mum went and cheated on me again. She went back to Orca's house to return a dish. She got to see Orca again and this time Dakota too. She was surprised how big Dakota is now. He was just about 6 months old when she cat sit for them. The pic below is from when he was younger.

Feetsball Report

What a crazy weekend. With the exception of the last game it didn't pay to be the home teams. Mum was happy that the Bengals won. Happy Tampa Bay and Mr Brady lost. She was up in the air about Bills and Chiefs. She liked both teams and the went crazy scoring at the end of the game. 

The Pack - sheesh, home field advantage, cold temperatures with a team from Catifornia. Special teams, well, they didn't do good. Ya gotta be able to kick the ball properly and score. Or not let the other team score on a kick. ARodg can watch from home again this year. Maybe his last year as a member of the Pack. 

Down to four teams, mum isn't sure who she wants to go to the Stouper Bowl. 

Mum is being careful, you all be careful too. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, get your vaccine, get boosted, wear your mask, the really good mask. 


  1. My human needs to read more! She feels guilty every time she sees your human's stack.

  2. I'd love to know what books our mum is reading. What is that huge huge fat book at the bottom of the stack???

    Sydney, Australia

    1. Umm, maybe I can get her to send you her list? it is only 7 pages long!

  3. Your mum does read a lot of books. The book at the bottom of the pile looks like it will take a while to get through.

  4. I was rooting for The Pack! 😢

  5. The Hubby was delighted with the feetsball games; so much scoring in the last minutes!
    I listened to my audiobooks (have one on CD right now, can you believe it?!?)
    To lay down, with earbuds in, and have cats fall asleep upon my person is a slice of heaven that cannot be described.

  6. We love you too, Ducky, and we miss you during the rest of the week!

    Tama and Benny

  7. dood...itz veree nice tho oh mum ta watch out for orca and dakota =^..^= her blankit iz awesum tho we can understand her knead ta take a FSG tried ta cro shay N couldna even get one "line" ta werk rite ~~~~ !!! ☺☺♥3

  8. Wow, your mum sure likes to read! My mom likes to listen to books with her AirPods stuck in her ears. :)

  9. You are always loved Ducky and I am glad you're helping your Mom with her reading!


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