Monday, September 19, 2022

Mini-ManCat Monday

 You can feel an awful fool standing at the bottom of the garden yelling pussy, pussy, pussy across a totally deserted meadow. Especially when you realise that pussy, pussy, pussy is watching you, with benign interest, from the shelter of the garden shed. - Marcia Fischer

Well I don't go outside so mum doesn't have to be outside calling for me. 

Second, Happy Purrthday to my Auntie Kellie. She is one of my care takers if mum has to be gone for a longer time. Purrs to you Miss Kellie. Hope you are having fun camping in Door County this week. 

Oh yeah, it is Pirate Day too. Arrrgh. I will be off sailing later on The Good Ship Sassycat. 

 Mum with her crow-shay, me on her lap and all ready for Packer feetsball last night. 

A few leaves on our tree that are just beginning to turn to fall colors. Mum says some trees down the street are showing more colors. 

Mum has been watching lots of stuff on the Queenie. Today will be the funeral, mum is recording it and won't get up super early to watch it. Farewell Queenie. 

Feetsball Report

The Pack - well, ARodg still owns Da Bears! The team looked really sharp this week. Da Bears may have scored first, but The Pack scored more in between their scores. The announce team was a bit off. At the end of the game the guy announced that Da Bears won the game. WRONG. 

Mum had a laff on ARodg's hair cut. When he puts a hat on his hair sticks out at funny angles. Mum says he looked like an old man who can't comb his hair. 

That is all from here. Have a good week everyone.



  1. Oh Ducky, the stories I could tell about my first TNR cat, George, who I found in the parking lot at my office. He was a tabby, and could hide so very well in the landscaping. The number of times that I called for him, and discovered...after awhile...that he was sitting next to me but his catmouflague was too good!

  2. MOL! We often listen to TBT calling us. But iffen our tummies aren't rumbling and it isn't raining, we pay no attention. Unless it gets too dark.

  3. Arrrgh! I wanna sail thee 7 seas wit’ ye, Cap’n Ducky! ~Evil Necksnapper Ernie

  4. Momma would get a laff outta someone yelling "pussy, pussy, pussy." Around here, she wouldn't be surprised, but she would giggle.


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