Monday, October 3, 2022

Mini-ManCat Monday

If we have a decent sort of cat to begin with, and have always treated it courteously, and aren't cursed with meddling, bullying natures, it's a pleasure to let it do as it pleases. With children, this would be wicked and irresponsible, so raising children involves a lot of effort and friction. They need to be taught how to tie their shoes and multiply fractions, they need to be punished for pocketing candy in the grocery store, they need to be washed and combed and forced to clean up their rooms and say please and thank you. A cat is our relief and our reward. - Barbara Holland

Yeah, mum pretty much lets me do what I want. However, this past week, mum took charge and hauled me off to the stabby place. I have been all sneezy lately and mum and the vet man thought it might be my teeth. 

WRONG, my teeths are just fine but the vet man said my sinus was all gunked up so he got as much as he could suck out. He is getting the gunk tested but we don't have results back just yet. 

I am still a little sneezy and gunky, but not as bad as before. 

Mum deserted me most of the day yesterday. She went to were she lived as a little wafter and went to church. The church was cellybrating 150 years being in bizzness! They had one big service in a hotel convention room, then things went to the real church for lunch and lots of visits. Mum saw all sorts of people she hadn't seen in ages. She even sat in church next to her old dentist!

 Feetsball Report

The Pack - it took overtime but they finally manged to beat the third string QB and the Patriots. Mum missed the first part of the game but it was the end that was important. Next week The Pack plays in London!


  1. Sorry to read that you have the sniffles, Ducky...I have them too!

  2. Hope your tests are all ok and you get over your sneezies. Glad Mum had such a good reunion !

  3. Last week must have been Stabby Place Week since Raz had to go too. We hope you feel better soon.

  4. I hope the gunk in your nose isn’t anything serious, Ducky.

  5. The opening quote: on your behalf, Ducky - and indeed on behalf of all pusscats - I take exception to the notion that it's even possible for someone to have a cat that ISN'T "a decent sort"!

    Stabby place: yucko. Sinus infections can be painful, so I hope your situation improves rapidly.

    Reunion: I wonder whether your mum offered to open her mouth very wide to show her dentist how well she'd been looking after her teeth. And she could also have boasted to him that your teeth were in excellent form as well! LOL

    Sydney, Australia


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