Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

 Hello and Happy Valentine's Day. Late adding the intro here, it is a bright, sunny but cold morning. Lovely to wake up to sunshine. I can tell the days are getting longer, the sun is moving north. The afternoon sun now shines in my patio doors and the morning sun shines brightly into my bedroom. 

Ducky and I had a quiet Gotcha Day for him. He got lots of love and extra treats. I got an extra treat too as I bought beigents at the grocery store to celebrate Mardi Gras. Yummy!

Adjusting to the fact that some of my usual TV shows are now back airing new episodes. I have to adjust how I spend my time. My evening can't always be reading time now. And to getting my post finished before it publishes! I forgot last night.

The Secrets of Emberwild turned out to be a bit of a romance novel which I am not into. Story follows a young woman's journey to train and race a young stallion to save the family farm. She finds deception and then love.

The Sign of Death the second installment of the Victorian Book Club mysteries. Lady Amy and her beau, William, work to clear his name after his "man of business" is found drowned. William also suspects fraud which puts his financial security in limbo.

The Escape Artist Walter Rosenberg as a Jewish teenager was transported to Auschwitz. His mind remembered facts and he had a great desire to escape to let the world know what was going on. After nearly two years in Auschwitz, having worked in jobs that let him see most of the system the Nazi's used, he does successfully escape to bring the story to other Jews, but not all believed him. Very interesting story and well written.

Her Hidden Genius is a fictionalized story of Dr Rosalind Franklin who worked as a scientist in the mid 1940s to the late 1950s. In her work as an x-ray crystallographer she took the first pictures that showed DNA to be of a helical structure. Sadly she died in 1958 of ovarian cancer before the Nobel Prizes were awarded in 1962 for the discovery of the structure of DNA. Nobel is not awarded posthumously.

The West Wing and Beyond is mostly pictures. Author was the official photographer during the Obama administration but also worked in the Regan White House. Pictures are not of the President but of the people and places nearby.

Happy Reading.


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