Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

At the end of February, although this year we get an extra day! One more day to do all the stuff we never seem to get done. That just seems to be the way life is. 

Weather is getting nice, way nicer than usual for this early in the year. Makes me wonder if we will get a dump of snow in March, although snow in March doesn't last long with more sunshine and higher sun angles. 

Maybe soon I can sit outside and read! I did sit outside on Tuesday, the temperatures were in the 70's. Just enjoyed the warms, the birds singing. Wednesday early AM the temps dropped into the 20's!

The It Girl another goodie from Ruth Ware. April and Hannah are roommates at Pelham College at Oxford. Hannah is your average person, April has money, looks and smarts. At the end of their first year Hannah finds April murdered and by Hannah's testimony one of the college porters is convicted. When he dies in prison ten years later, still protesting his innocence, Hannah begins to wonder did she get it right on who did it?

The Genome Defense is the true story of how the ACLU sued a private biomedical firm that tested for the breast cancer genes BRCA1 and BRCA2. The company had patented the genes and was charging people thousands of dollars to see if they had a predisposed genetic makeup to cancer. The case ended up at the US Supreme Court and came back with a unanimous decision for us as individuals. DNA should not be patented!

The Housekeeper, is a suspense story. Jodi is a successful real estate agent with a hectic life, family and aging parents. She hires a housekeeper to help out her parents and the housekeeper seems to be perfect. Maybe too perfect!

I have that, it is called retirement!

Escape, learn, connect, dream. All of what reading is for. 

I remember my mom reading to me as a kid. I even have the story book she read to me from! Battered spine, but a much loved book.

 Happy Reading.


  1. I read in bed before turning out the light - love it!

    Sydney, Australia

  2. What did you think of "The IT Girl"?
    I've got 23 audiobooks on hold in my library app; some are popular and have a waiting list, and some are yet to be published, but I'm already asking for them. Tana French, an excellent mystery author, has a new book due out tomorrow, and I'm #1 in line...woot.

  3. Reading is a joy.

    If The Good Lord put me on this Earth to accomplish a certain number of things, right now I am so far behind I will never die.

  4. TBT: Loved the T-Shirt! If I didn't already have a drawer full of clever T-Shirts, I would get that one. Sadly, I can't seem to live without shirt pockets these days...


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