Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

A little bit of snow and some slightly cooler temps for a few days. Now warmer again and sunny days. Haven't seen any of the early spring migrating birds yet either. Shouldn't be long! Lots of time to curl up and read, crochet and cuddle with Ducky!

One Woman's War is a historical fictional book so the characters actually did exist, we just can't be sure this is actually what happened. One of the characters is Ian Fleming and supposedly Miss Moneypenny is based on one of the main characters. Several women who are working within MI-5 to fool the Nazi's into thinking an invasion will be directed at one spot when it will actually go to another. Was the mission a success?

Or play trivia with a librarian! Our team had high score last week doing trivia and two of the five members are retired librarians. Although I hold my own with them!

Happy reading.


  1. happee reed a book a day, day, dood and happee bee lated purrth day two
    yur mum! hope de week a headz grate 📝🐟😺‼️💚

  2. Love the graphics (especially the one with the cat!)

  3. TBT: Books are great because they bring you to places you aren't!

  4. My dad says he loves the Sweet Dreams one. And you know, he also says the second photo in your previous post is a work of art!


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