Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

 I didn't get to this on Tuesday night. Severe storms most of the evening and into the early AM. Didn't t urn on any electronics that I didn't have to. Thankfully the worst of the storms stayed to the north and west of me, but it was very late before the storms got to me at all, so thunderstorms after midnight. 

I got my newest stash of books from the library on Monday. I am set with reading material for the upcoming holiday weekend. Plus two books that hadn't arrived for pickup are now ready. So I can read a couple and then go and get the other ones. 

Be safe this holiday weekend everyone. Drive safely, party safely. Ducky and I want you back.  

Simply from Scratch
I didn't get into this, read the first and then last 50 pages or so. Zell is a young widow who is trying to win $20K in a baking contest to help out victims of Hurricane Katrina, which is where her husband died. Zell is not much of a cook or baker. Nearly sets her house on fire to start the book. Zell also gets involved with a young neighbor girl whose mother left when she was very young.

All That is Mine I Carry With Me story is that a young girl comes home to find her mother gone. Did she leave on her own, taken alive or murdered? Who exactly did it? The husband or someone else? I found the story interesting but confusing to read since different parts were written from the perspective of different people.

Primary Solution a proposed solution that we have more competitive primary elections in order to get better people elected. Not sure this will work, but you never know!

Happy Reading.


  1. wednezday wavez two ewe dood and heerz two a grate week a head. ‼️
    iz mum gonna watch de 500 on de tee and vee ! chanze…just a chanze…mite
    get rained out til monday. hope yur dayz a grate one and happee readin 😺‼️🐟💙

  2. I don't actually mind doing the grocery shopping, although you can keep the cooking and cleaning. But reading? Every. Single. Time.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Reading it always is, when you can even manage a minute.

  4. My dad says that the All That is Mine one sounds like one he'd like to read, and he sometimes has the same problem getting through books that use different perspectives throughout. Happy weekend!


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