Thursday, August 17, 2006

All Things Thursday

It has been an interesting day. Mum worked from home today. So I had to hit her up several times for my scritches and treats. Mum stayed home as some men in a truck came and took the old couch away. She wanted to make sure they only took what they were supposed to.

Last night mum gotted home furry late. She was opening the windows in the house when we heard this really strange noise/scream/whimper from the back yard. It spooked me and I was running around the house. Mum and several of the neighbors went out and found a raccoon up in a tree, but they haven't figured out why it was making such a noise.

My little stuffed raccoon that mum brought home from Mexico, I decided to name him Monte, short for Monterrey. That is where he came from. Thanks for the other name suggestions.

I am having fun with my new toys that I got with my Secret Paws. So far I really do like the red octopie. Mum keeps moving to places and then she sees how far I move it. Plus the red thing with feathers, she moves that for me so I get hunting and pouncing practice.

Otherwise a nice quiet day. I like mum working from home, we can just hang out together.


  1. Hi Derby, it's me, Tipper. I see you got the same octopus as me! I hope you like yours as much as I like mine.

    George says be very careful around those bee thingys. They can hurt you lots.

  2. We like those quiet uneventful days.

  3. we likes it when mommy werks from home too - like after lunch today! YAY

  4. Hi smiley boy......I had so many things to talk with you about today, and now Momma says hurry up because the sky is making loud boomies noises, Mittens is hiding, so it could be serious.


  5. It is so nice when the beans are home. I'm glad you had a nice day with your mum. And enjoy all the toys.

  6. Gosh, Derby did the raccoon scare you. Mom says there are some around here but I haven't seen any. So guess I don't really know what they look like. Rosie says my tail looks like a raccoon tail, so guess they aren't all that bad if they have a tail. Cleo is making Mom mad today cause she doesn't come in from outside. She has been out all day today. Hope she doesn't get into a lot of trouble. Guess she will have to eat sometime.

  7. I wish my Mom would work from home, too. Then we could play all day.

  8. That's great that you got to spend quality time with your human pet. I don't really get that any more now until the weekends unfortunately.

    I also like the name Monte for your raccoon. Very cool!

  9. we haf raccoons in our nay-burr-hood too. they is furry big an kinda gallop 'cross the yard an get inta the trash. the human nay-burr met them an says they has attitude problems


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