Monday, August 28, 2006

Rainy Days and Mondays

Talkin' to myself and feelin' old
Sometimes I'd like to quit
Nothing ever seems to fit
Hangin' around
Nothing to do but frown
Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down.

Words and Music by: Paul Williams & Roger Nichols

::Sigh:: Guess the weather in Whiskonsin matches my mood today, the sky has been crying most of the day. I have just been kinda down. Just wanted to stay in mum's bed and nap.
We learned early today that Trixie wented to the Rainbow Bridge. She was a fine senior, ginger catizen. Loved by her family and her furiends in the blogoshpere. She will be missed. She wasn't a member of The Gorgeous Gingers, maybe she should be our firsted posthumous member.

Trixie (1988-2006)

Plus no word yet on Luna. Poor little thing was probably so scared and the VET was not watching. She got out of the VET building and hasn't been seen since. I hope she is OK and comes back to her beans who miss her furry much. But if for some reason she is gone, maybe Trixie can guide her from the Bridge. Such a purrty young kittie to have been lost so young. Some candles to guide you on your journey.


  1. Such a sad week!!

    We are having a memorial for Trixie tomorrow at 6, our time, not sure if that is 8 or 9 your time. Hope you can come.

    Patches Lady

  2. Oh Derby, fank you so much for the wonderful werds. I fink that Trixie would like it if she were a post-humus member of the Gorgeous Gingers - she really was gorgeous.

    We is still so sad about Luna and has asked Trixie to help guide her.

  3. Sad, sad news. We'll pray to send some California sunshine your way to cheer you up!

  4. I have been feeling quite sad recently too. There has been a lot of not-happy news recently in the cat blogosphere - Trixie has gone to the Bridge, Luna is still lost, CalicoMom needs an eye operation, BrandiMom still hasn't found a new jobbie. No wonder I'm feelin' down with all this sad news from my poodin friends and their beans. :(

  5. Yer memories is what keep trixie alive in yer hearts. While trixie has moved on to a happier place yoo are blessed to have the memories of her with yoo always.

    Rosie, Cheeto and our lady

  6. It's been sad, but it's been good too that we all got each ofur to lean on. That part is furry happy.
    Purrrrrrrrrs and Headbutts,

  7. That is very very sad news abowt Trixie. I hope I git to live a long and happy life like she did.

  8. I was furry sad to. It was good to go and visit the Meezers and with Mittens to help out, otherwise I would have laid around all day too.

  9. Yes Derby it was sad to lose Trixie, altho I know she is happy and free with Norton now. It is a good fink like Boni said that we all hass each offur to lean on in times like these. I sure hopes Lil Luna can find her ways home.


  10. Poor Trixie. Poor Luna. Purrs, Derby.

  11. sweet Trixie - please guide Luna home.

  12. Oh Derby. That's very kind of you to offer Trixie an honorary membership in GG. Can someone take it up with Fat Eric on her behalf? We would, but we're not members. Our Mom is purraying for little Luna.

  13. I think Eric would have no problem adding Trixie to the roster. She was a beautiful feline with a lot of spunk! We're also hoping Luna is found soon as well.

    Hopefully, happier days are to come!

  14. It has been sad lately, but we know the sunshine will come back furr efurryone.


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