Sunday, August 20, 2006

Lots of Visitors

Yesterday was a furry lazy day for both mum and me. Once she was done with her breakfast she wented outside and swept up the spilled birdie food and refilled the feeder. Then she came in and got her book and a drinkie. She sat and read for a while.
Then she came in and put me in my portable porch! So I got to sit outside with her. That was so nice. Plus we hadded lots of visitors yesterday to the yard.
Mr. Squirrel
Baby Bunny
Mr. Cardinal, plus lots of other birdies.
Mr. Chip Monk

We did most of this today again too. Since it has gotten nice again, we can spend time outside. Mum had a bit more house work to do, food shopping, laundry and vacuuming. But we still had time to sit outside. Plus mum cooked outside and I gotted to have some of the grilled chicken.

After yesterdays post people asked about the top of the big cold box. The only thing up there is me and some dust. Mum does not keep stuff up there. Yes, I have to jump to the counter and then up on top.See my post here on my jumping up route. Mum doesn't mind me up there, that is where she prefers me to be when she is cooking or eating. Sanjee I think it would be furry hard for a kittie to knock over the big cold box.

Also a big reminder in TWO months, that means October20-22 is the party I am hosting. Put it on your calendars, you don't want to miss it.

Plus lots of purrayers for The Calico Girls mom Toni. She will need surgery next month. We will need to get the good kittie healing vibes going again. We did it for Edselsmom, we can do it again.

Overall mum and me had a nice quiet weekend. We don't get many of those.


  1. that's nice that you has your own porch. we're too 'fraid of the city of outside, but may wif our own porch it might be ok.
    we won't miss your party! it's gonna be a huge event!

  2. Gosh, Derby, you're so lucky. I wish I had red birdies and a portable porch. Sounds very relaxing!!

  3. Aw...thank you Derby and Derby'sMom! You guys made momma get leaky eyes. She says she will let you know right before she goes down to the big town to have her sur-jer-rey. She says she wants to be all better for the Oct. party.

    That portable porch is the best thing ever! You look like a happy camper.


  4. Yes, Derby you are so lucky! You spent time with your Mum, and look at all the other animals that came to visit. Bubbles would love to have all those furries around.

  5. I like that portable porch. Very cool! And some neato visitors to your neighborhood too. Those chipmunk thingies are interesting to see.

  6. I think I would like a portable porch. I wish Momma would get me one.

  7. Derby

    You look mighty happy in your portable porch.We have a porch but it isn't portable.

    No way would we miss your party.IT is going to be so much fun.

    Healing purrs will light the way for the Calicogirls Mom.


  8. We had a lazy weekend too. Mom got a lot of reading done & we went outside on our leashes and sniffed all the good smells!

  9. That looks like so much fun!! The Lap Lady just ordered us a portable porch and I'm sooo excited.

    I especially like Mr. Chip Monk. They are my favorites!

  10. Yes, yes! Being out on your screened-in porch and having chicken! I would say that's a very good weekend.


  11. A portable porch? That is very nice. Sometimes I miss being out in the fresh air.

  12. Sometimes, a nice, quiet weekend is just what the doctor ordered. It sounds like you and your human pet soaked in the relaxation!

  13. you feed the live fev-vers? mmmmm - furry good idea...make them come to you...mmmmm

  14. Your portable porch looks good. We don't haf one cos we lives in the country, an there are no big roads near us, so we is safe to go outdoors. We's only lowd to go in one field on our own though. If we want to go in the woods or the uvver fields, we take mum wiv us, cos there are bajjers and foxes and vishus deer out there.

  15. So you have visitors too. I like to watch the squirrels play in the trees and the birds drink out of the bird bath. Yes they take baths too. We also have deer coming in our yard. I watch them munch down the grass. Most of all I like to hunt lizards and frogs in Mom's potted flowers. That's fun.

    Maybe Mom can buy a portable porch when we have to move. At least I will get to go outside.


  16. I reely like yer portubul porch, Derby. The Food Lady has bin trying to talk Mr Tasty Face into gitting one for me.


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