Saturday, August 5, 2006

Secret Paw Package

Well since mum gotted back from her trip, I asked her to finish getting my package ready. So we did a double check that we had everything. We did, so it got into a nice box with padding for all of the goodies.
I could fit in this box, maybe I can send myself along too! That would be a big surprise. I tried to get in the box, but mum had it stuff full of the goodies and papers to cushion the stuff.
So once she gotted it all put together I figured I had to guard the box until mum gotted it off to the station to send it on its way.
In a few days it should be to its destination. Keep watching your mailbox. My Secret Paw just might be YOU.

Plus when mum wented to the station to send it off the man asked what was a Secret Paw. So she explained and the man at the other desk said he sented a package yesterday that said the same thing. So, someone near me is a Secret Paw. Mum says we are near The Crew, maybe their beans came to use the station here. Hmmm, interesting.


  1. I think my human pet would be REALLY surprised if you were to be our Secret Paw, and you jumped out of the box to say hello! I would definitely have to get the camera to take a picture of that reaction! :)

  2. Wouldnt it be fun, if it was a kitty?

    Hey, we beat the meezers posting, haha.....

    Patches Lady

  3. Derby, if you sent yourself to me, I would be thrilled! I'm sure your Secret Paw is going to love it!

  4. That would be fun to hide in the box and be a secret paw. Hey maybe I could put Flynn in and send him to Merricky. More scritches and treats for me then.

  5. that's a good idea - we should do it for our secrit paw. the man at the station laughed the last time we hadded secrit paws - he askded the same question and mommy tolded him what it was - and he saided "cats mailing presents to other cats - that's a new one"

  6. Derby, we're not far away, but we didn't do secrit paws this time, so it wasn't us. I bet yur right an it was The Crew. Wouldn't that be neat, runnin into them at the station?

  7. that's one nice box ya got there! whoeffur you're sendin it to is gonna get ta play in it fur days an days

  8. Meow Derby,
    It must be the responsibility of every cat to guard their Person's boxes. Good job!
    purrs and pounces,
    Icon Baxter Bently


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