Monday, August 14, 2006

Secret Paw Box!

I noticed this afternoon when the postal guy came by that he made more noise than usual. When mum gotted home she found a box outside that was for me. It has Secret Paws written on the outside. It was here and it was from Smeagol & Strider (Mystery & Gizmo too!)
So mum gotted the box inside and opened it up for me. Now as part of my profile I said I like the color red. Well they came through with lots of red, including the little bag that had all the goodies.
Lots of fun stuff including a red octopi, better make sure that Tipper of The Crew doesn't get this! That was the firsted thing I wanted to play with. Plus an addition to my stuffed animal collection. A Nittany Lion, the mascot of Penn State.
So many thanks for all the goodies, time to go bug mum to play with me before she goes to bed.


  1. You'll love the red octopus! It's one of my very favorite toys!

  2. Oh that looks like fun, Derby! Mini got a red octopus for Secret Paws before and she loves it.

  3. Oh boy Derby you got your Secret Paw Paw.That is wonderful and all of those neat toys. Wow. You'll have lots of fun!

    Drop by and visit, it's our one year annerversarry today. Yippee


  4. Great stuff Derbs! Hope you wear your mom out playing!
    And thanks again for the cool things you sent us for Secret Paws!

  5. Wow, fun stuff! That red octopus is the best.


  6. That red octopus looks furry cool an all, but look at that other thing - IT'S ALL FEV-VERY!

  7. A RED octopi! Are you haffin fun battin it around? We still haven't gotten one of those.

  8. Derby, if our counter said 10,000 for you too then we will send you a prize too. Sometimes 2 people end up visiting at about the same time and the counter doesn't advance right away. Please have your Mommy send our Mommy your snail mail address and we will send you a prize. Our email is in our profile

  9. We're glad to hear you gotted your package, Derby! We hopes you got your mom to play with you some before bed.

    We told mom to look for a Pennsylvania BEAR, but she said all the places had were lions. We've never seen a REAL lion like that 'round here, but Mom says there's a mountain called Nittany, maybe that's where they live...

  10. What cool toys you got! Emma and her gang are so anxious to find out who their SP is!

  11. Hey Derby! We got ours today too! You got some cool toys and we got cool stuff too!

    Finny & Buddy

  12. Can someone tell me where to get that red octopus? My cats had two for a couple years, but they were a gift from someone, and I don't know where she bought them. They lost one of them, and the other recently lost its bell. It's one of their favorite toys, and I'd really like to replace it. I've looked all over and can't find it.


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